Outgoing Students

Study Abroad

Outgoing Students

Taking a period of study or work abroad can be challenging, but the experience can be extremely rewarding and you will develop your knowledge and skills by learning in a different social and cultural context.

There are a number of benefits of undertaking a period of study or work abroad. 

While it is always a good idea to learn the language of any country you might study in - all RGU students who undertake a study abroad period will be taught in English!

What’s more students may be entitled to receive a Turing Scheme grant! All the credits you earn abroad will even count toward your RGU degree!

Not only that but a 2009 study found that 29% of students who had studied abroad were earning over £20,000, compared to 17% of students who had not studied abroad. The figure was even higher (37%) for students who had participated in an overseas work placement.

Who Can Go?

There are no nationality restrictions on students who wish to go on study abroad. However, you cannot be in the first year, or in the majority of cases, in the final year of your degree.

Where Can you Go?

Not all courses offer the opportunity to study or work abroad, but there are over 100 partner institutions to choose from around the world.


Why Go?

Stand Out in the Job Market

The job market nowadays is an international one, so when you graduate, not only will you be competing with UK graduates, but also with highly qualified graduates from other countries. In this multi-cultural, multi-lingual job market, the ability to communicate in another language is highly desirable; and demonstrating that you have lived, studied and worked in another environment enables you to compete more effectively. Developing self-assurance and independence are the keys to a successful career.

Get Mobile

Mobility is a fact of life - we live in a mobile world where people travel in increasing numbers - it affects our work, our pleasure, our food, our law, our environment and our society. Exchange prepares you for this mobile world.

A Different Outlook

The Exchange Programme offers you the chance to study your subject in different contexts, with different teachers and different class mates. You’ll be surprised by the different approach and the insights that students from other countries can bring. It’s both challenging and highly rewarding.

Life Skills

The exchange experience will enhance your personal development, your job opportunities, your confidence, and your enjoyment of life. Exchange students are not tourists - you'll live and participate in the day to day life of the country you choose. Living and studying in a new country is a challenge – you will find yourself facing new and unexpected situations. Overcoming these obstacles and learning to manage your life within another culture brings maturity, confidence and self-reliance – great life skills.


Not only will you acquire a broader range of skills to offer a future employer, but you’ll have fun doing it. Exchange students say it is the best part of their time at university, after all nearly one in ten find their life partner while doing their Exchange programme.

So, discover a different culture, make new friends from lots of other countries, learn a foreign language and do something that will look great on your CV.


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