Alumni Loyalty Discount

Alumni Loyalty Discount

Are you one of our RGU Alumni or are you soon to graduate from RGU? Make a huge saving on your future course fees as we welcome our alumni back to study with a 20% loyalty discount.

Awarding Body

Robert Gordon University


20% discount on fees


RGU Alumni are able to enjoy a 20% Alumni Loyalty Discount on course tuition fees offered by the university. Previous graduates and those who are soon to graduate can also take advantage of the offer.

Benefits to continuing your studies at RGU

  • Ability to continue your learning and development in a familiar environment
  • Continue to establish professional relationships with academic teams
  • Make use of university support and student services including gym memberships and careers support
  • Choose from a wide range of eligible courses across varying study modes, levels and subject areas to suit your lifestyle
  • Make a huge cost saving with our 20% Alumni Loyalty Discount


A 20% discount is provided exclusively on tuition fees.

The discount cannot be applied to other programme-related expenses, such as residential costs.


The 20% discount is available to self-funded students.

Students who are fully funded, either via a direct scholarship or through an invoiced funding body are not eligible.

For those with partial external funding, the Alumni Discount applies only to the portion of fees the student is self-financing.

If eligible for both an RGU Scholarship and the Alumni Discount, students will receive the most financially beneficial discount.

The Alumni Discount cannot be combined with other RGU based financial offers or reductions.

The discount cannot be converted into a cash refund against the full course cost.

The scheme does not apply to non-credit bearing courses or short courses.


If you have any questions about the Alumni Loyalty Discount Scheme, you can contact the admissions team:

You can also contact one of our students to speak to them about their experience at RGU.

Case Study

Read about an RGU student's journey from undergraduate to postgraduate study.


Eligible Countries of Residence

All countries are eligible for this scholarship, funding or discount.

Eligible Courses

Course Level

  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate

Mode of Attendance

  • Full Time
  • Part Time

Mode of Study

  • On Campus
  • Online Learning

Subject Area

  • All Subjects

Other Requirements

Graduates and current students who are soon to graduate from RGU, can take advantage of 20% Alumni Loyalty Discount Scheme on your future course's tuition fees.

How to Apply

Find a Course

Whether you are taking the next step on your educational journey or looking to further your career prospects, our courses are demand driven and tailored to the needs of current and future employment markets.

Your course application form will ask if you have completed a qualification from RGU before. Once checked and confirmed, your discount will be applied automatically.

If you are a final year student at RGU you will be eligible for the Alumni Loyalty Discount pending the successful completion of your current degree course.

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