Career Benefits


Career Benefits

In order to successfully get a job, graduates need the qualifications, experience and skills required to allow them to excel in the role.

By studying at Robert Gordon University, students participate in an educational journey which not only provides them with detailed subject knowledge, but through engaging with employability services, produces experienced, skilled, capable graduates who are prepared to succeed in their career.

RGU has achieved global recognition for the employability of its graduates:

  • Top in Scotland and 3rd in the UK (excluding small, specialist institutions) for employability and/or further study (HESA Graduate Outcomes 2022)
  • 1st in Scotland and 2nd in the UK in the Graduate Employment Rate measure (QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022)

Our approach to this is to define a process which our students undertake in order to achieve our ‘Graduate Outcomes’ (also known as graduate attributes at other institutions).

In order to get a job, employers want a graduate to have the right qualifications and knowledge, appropriate work experience, transferable skills, and personal attitude which is a fit for their organisation. We believe each student has a unique mix of abilities, and therefore should graduate university having explored and defined their individual identity.

As a student of RGU, this is achieved through their degree qualification, extracurricular opportunities and evidenced through the Employability Enhancement Award

  • Degree Qualification
    Students will receive their academic degree which evidences specialist subject knowledge and technical skills relevant to industry.
  • Enhancement Award
    Additionally, students are given the opportunity to complete the Employability Enhancement Award which allows them to reflect on and market their unique skills and experience and provide them with the tools to be able to sell themselves and their place in the graduate jobs market to secure employment or further study opportunities.

As a student at RGU, your employability journey shall allow you to demonstrate that you have these personal outcomes:

  • Experienced Professionals
    We are specialists in our subjects enriched by practical and professional work experience which ensures we have the skills we need to be ready for work.
  • Creative Innovators
    We are curious and collaborative in developing solutions and resourceful in delivering impactful results.
  • Confident Life-Long Learners
    We are career-driven, skills-focused and adaptable in expanding our knowledge and understanding our context throughout our working lives.
  • Global Citizens
    We are ethically-minded participants of our communities and global thinks in our interactions with others and dynamically responding to society’s’ needs.

Students are only able to achieve these outcomes through engaging with the employability journey and developing their skills through learning and experience. The result is that producing their degree qualification and employability profile requires demonstrable evidence, reflection and achievement. We seek to offer these opportunities and facilitate students to reflect and grow through providing:

  • Professional Courses
    Our courses are chosen and designed to help our students be employable. Students experience assessments designed to mirror the workplace, live client projects, professional environments, and industry engagement. This collective approach makes our courses distinctive and ensure students learn the necessary skills that are in demand now and in the future.
  • Interactive Campus
    Our state-of-the-art campus creates a learning environment with the facilities to allow students hands on experience of professional equipment and practices. With laboratories, workshops, a drilling simulator, a radio station, a TV studio, a mock hospital ward and much more, these interactive elements help develop employability throughout the entire academic experience.
  • Industry Connections
    Our approach to developing our courses involves working closely with industry to understand what the needs for the future are and ensuring our teaching reflects the workplace. Across our courses we have work-related experience and placement opportunities embedded as well as professional body accreditations for various courses. These connections help our students be ready-for-work once they leave university.

Placements and Work Experience

One of the key features which employers look for when hiring is relevant work experience. While learning academic knowledge is valuable, students need to be able to apply this knowledge in the workplace. Throughout our courses, there are a wide range of compulsory and optional placement or work experience opportunities. There are a range of benefits to work experience such as:

  • Put academic knowledge to practice
  • Learn professional skills and values
  • Possibility to earn with some paid placements
  • Demonstrate independent, responsible working
  • Build industry connections and possibility for job offers
  • Work on live projects and diversify your interview answers
  • Gain experience, skills and references for your CV
  • Be distinctive against less experienced candidates

During your studies, it is important to make the most of all of the opportunities you have to learn and set yourself up for your future career. There are many ways you can develop experience at RGU including placements, projects and volunteering. We encourage you to view the placement and job opportunities on our course pages or contact our team for more information.

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