Knowledge Organisation

Short Course - 15 credits at SCQF level 11
Knowledge Organisation 15 credits at SCQF 11
Short Course & Professional Development

This short course takes a practical, hands-on approach to Knowledge Organisation, involving students in the construction of a controlled vocabulary, a faceted classification, sample thesaurus entries, and the design of a web portal. These well-established techniques are used to develop an Information Architecture for an organisation, visitor attraction, or an event.

The course deals with organising the knowledge recorded in documents, i.e. information. Students will create tools (e.g. indexes, classification systems, controlled vocabularies) to support the retrieval of information from traditional (library shelves) and contemporary (databases, the web) storage devices. In addition to topic notes and related materials, students are guided in their practical work by a workbook, which constitutes a step-by-step guide to the activities. The initial activities can be performed individually but the major one, which involves the construction of a thesaurus drawn from a faceted classification may be completed in teams in order to lighten individual workloads and speed up progress. However, teamwork is entirely optional.

The aim of this module is to enable students to evaluate the effectiveness of these tools based on their practical experience.

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  • Online Learning

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  • Part Time

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15 weeks

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