Managing Library Services

Short Course - 30 credits at SCQF level 11
Managing Library Services
Short Course & Professional Development

This short course explores the nature, provision and management of library and information services in a variety of contexts, emphasising the importance of effective performance evaluation and decision-making and provides an understanding of collection and service management. Strong emphasis is placed on the needs and characteristics of user communities.

The course introduces some of the key principles and philosophies associated with the management of library and information services.  It provides an insight into the way in which libraries must meet the needs of the communities that they serve (in all settings) and considers how their services and collections are shaped by this understanding.  It considers a range of professional management skills from generic ones such as financial or budgetary management and human resource planning through to specifics associated with the library and information sector such as collection management, information literacy, digital libraries and community engagement. 

Strong emphasis is placed on the latter aspect throughout the module together with a clear sense of the significance of measuring the value and impact of what libraries do.  These aspects are all explored through the use of a case-study approach where students attempt to plan and deliver services for a community and with reference to the real policies, frameworks and political agenda which shape public service cultural provision. 

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  • Online Learning

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  • Part Time

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15 weeks

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