Information Seeking and Use

Short Course - 15 credits at SCQF level 11
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Short Course & Professional Development

This short course explores critically different theoretical developments and practical applications in the field of Information Seeking Behaviour. Students will examine the creation, use, evaluation and ethical dissemination of information via different sources and tools. The course emphasises the value of information and digital literacy in academic, workplace, and everyday life settings.

The course explores theoretical perspectives and practical approaches to acquiring and using information in response to different needs and knowledge gaps. Human behaviour is examined in relation to diverse sources and channels of information (such as databases, search engines and social media) which influence how people search for, share and use information. The course offers insight into information related environmental contexts (e.g. education, workplace, everyday life) and personal user characteristics (e.g.  knowledge, experience and psychological factors such as uncertainly and information avoidance). Important aspects of information evaluation (accuracy, objectivity, authority, reliability completeness) and information utility (usefulness, relevance, importance, accessibility and usability) are explored. The course looks at how the collaborative creation and sharing of online content in the modern information environment have enabled new methods for information searching and browsing, highlighting the significance of information and digital literacy development.

Mode of Study

  • Online Learning

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  • Part Time

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15 weeks

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