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Clearing is your opportunity to achieve a place at university after your exam results come out, even if you have not applied or even thought about applying for university.
This is your golden opportunity to join the university ranked 2nd in Scotland for student satisfaction (National Student Survey 2020)


We are now taking applications through Clearing via UCAS. This is your golden opportunity to study at a university ranked 2nd in Scotland and in the UK for overall student satisfaction (National Student Survey 2020)!

Clearing officially starts after your awarding body gives you your results in August. It is your opportunity to apply to university even if you don’t get the exact required grades, have not previously applied, or have previously declined our offer. Following the revision of some Higher and A Level exam grades you may have questions about your study options at RGU.

We try to take account of all the results and your individual circumstances, and we will be delighted to discuss your options with you. 

Contact Us

Clearing Hotline

In addition, we also have a clearing Hotline number that you can call: 07890587069 and 07890587071

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Thursday - 9:00 to 17:00
  • Friday - 9:00 to 16:00

Widening Access

Now is a good time to check if you qualify as a Widening Access applicant. This would mean that you may receive offers to study with us on slightly lower grades than advertised, and you could also qualify for our free or discounted room rates.  


Take a moment to browse the safe, secure, and affordable student accommodation offered across our four sites. You can choose a room in the heart of the city, or right on campus. You can ever share a flat with school friends who are also joining RGU.

Emma Hay-Higgins
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with staff or speak to current students to get an insight into the course you are applying for.
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Conor Thorne
RGU looked at me for the individual I am. Your experiences and what you have to offer matter to everyone at the university.
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Emma Good
Things happen at school, it’s not always a true reflection of you academically. Just pick up the phone and see what your options are.
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