Student & Graduate Stories - Art, Design and Fashion

Student & Graduate Stories - Art and Design

Graduates of Gray’s School of Art go on to have exciting and inspiring careers. Read their stories to learn more about their journeys once graduating.

Shaun Stephen

After graduating in 2015, Shaun now manages the recruitment for Sky Creative.

Anna Younie

After graduating in 2018, Anna returned to her native Orkney to continue her practice as a Ceramics Designers.

Emma Grieshaber

After graduating in 2020, Emma has been featured on the London Fashion Week website under ‘the class of 2020’ as well as being featured on the British Fashion Council website for Graduate Preview day.

Fraser Stephen

Fraser graduated in 2010 and is now as a freelance cinematographer and manages the planning and creation of images on film and video projects.

Lauren Ferguson

Lauren is currently Graduate in Residence at Leith School of Art where she is developing her career and practice as an artist.

Zoe Buyers

As a freelance animation/motion designer Zoe has worked for a range of clients and agencies including: Form Digital, as a Motion Designer to create a range of animated social media content.

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