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Weronika Turowska

Weronika Turowska

A “treasure trove of invaluable experiences” is how she reflects on her 2023 Degree Show. But the experiences didn’t stop there, Weronika Turowska gives us an update on the road to now.

The Gray’s Degree Show is more than just a week-long exhibition of student work, it’s a tangible view of countless hours of hard work not just reflecting students’ final year but their whole time at the School. The approach to her endpoint of her university experience was filled with a mass of emotions for the Three Dimensional Design graduate.

Weronika shared: “The days leading to the opening night were a whirlwind of emotions. Culminating four years of exploration and honing my skills and interests at Gray’s, I was filled with a mix of nostalgia, excitement and a tinge of nervousness.

“It marked the conclusion of one chapter while igniting the anticipation for the journey ahead.”

In her exhibit titled ‘Symbi’, Weronika explored the use of bio-based materials as an alternative textile. She created bio-leathers which are grown from bacterial cellulose and aquafaba. In addition to the creation of materials, she explored touch and sensory experiences linked to the material’s tactility and properties which could aid chronic pain research.

samples of bio leather
Weronika's artwork depicting bio leather
Weronika's artwork depicting hands holding bio leather
Weronika's artwork depicting hand holding bio leather

“Degree Show week was a treasure trove of invaluable experiences for me. Engaging in meaningful conversations and exchanging insights on the intersection of ecology and design stood out for me.

“Exhibiting my work for the first time not only instilled a sense of confidence but also underscored the significance of sharing ideas and creations with a wider audience.

“Post-degree show, I had the privilege to exhibit at New Designers in London, a platform showcasing the work of UK graduates. This exposure provided me with initial networking opportunities and a chance to disseminate my work to a broader audience.”

Exploring the subject matter of her exhibition didn’t stop at the end of her Degree Show, Weronika progressed to study a Master’s in Biodesign at London’s Central Saint Martins. Here, she has gained access to a cutting-edge ‘Grow Lab’ and worked in collaboration with scientists on a number of projects focused design solutions for climate adaptation.

She shared: “I'm currently involved in a project for LVMH and Maison/0 which is centred around the microalgae and rainwater. The goal of the Maison/0 project is to embody collaboration for regenerative luxury and supports creative and environmentally-engaged artists and makers to design a better and more sustainable future.

“On top of that, my Gray’s graduate project recently travelled to Brussels, where it was exhibited at the New European Bauhaus - an initiative championed by the European Commission to integrate the ambitious goals of the European Green Deal into people’s daily lives and living spaces.

“I am extremely excited about some new projects that are coming up soon and I always think of Gray’s as a space that allowed me to exhibit my work and kickstart my journey into the world of design and biodesign.”

To delve deeper into Weronika’s work, visit her portfolio website. For more memories from Gray’s Degree Show, visit our Alumni in Focus page.

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