Karolina Przynarowska - Master of Architecture Stage 5

Karolyna Przynarowska Master of Architecture Stage 5 Project
23 year old Master’s student, Karolina Przynarowska from Poland, draws on the Gaelic term ‘Ceangal’, meaning link or connection for her master’s project that builds a bridge between traditional and digital crafts.

Inspired by the idea of a modern farmstead and its role in bringing all generations together to meet, interact and exchange ideas, Karolina’s master’s project draws inspiration from a third-year study trip to Comrie Croft, that showed her the value of traditional skills and handicraft.

She was initially drawn to a BSc in Architecture at Scotts because of the school’s facilities. Having learnt the basics in architecture, Karolina wanted to take her studies to the next level. A master’s offered her the freedom to explore and express her real interests.

Working as part of a team, Karolina, has produced a project on the Isle of Lewis and its characteristics. Whilst pandemic restrictions meant, Karolina was unable to visit the island, she liaised with people from the Isle of Lewis and learnt about the island’s architecture through online lectures and other online tools, to gain a glimpse of island life.

Speaking about her experience during the pandemic, Karolina says: “Thinking back to the 2020 and online studying, I missed the studio environment and the creative process that comes with it. I’m glad it was possible to come back to University for my masters, even with hybrid teaching in place.  

“Whilst the pandemic presented many challenges, it also brought opportunities. We had to adjust to a new reality. I started using RGU eHub materials and also sparked my architectural imagination by successfully completing an online site planning course via an online platform called ‘edX’ that lets you study urban planning methods.”

Drawn architectural plan of building inspired by architecture in Isle of Lewis
Basket weave
Architectural rendering of building inspired by architecture in Isle of Lewis
Architectural rendering of building inspired by architecture in Isle of Lewis

One of the highlights of the course for Karolina, was the Erasmus programme when she spent a semester abroad in Milan, Italy at Politecnico di Milano, with some modules taught in Italian. This experience has prepared her for a career as an architect whilst helping her language skills and confidence as a person.

Another positive experience for Karolina has been the RGU StartUp Accelerator programme. She worked with a team to create an app for travellers called ‘tudu’ and also set up a business in the UK.  The inspiration for the app came during her third year when working in the design studio as Karolina explains: “I created an interactive way of collecting and sharing our research in a form of an app prototype. Although the company was dissolved due to the pandemic, I started my own business in Poland, creating handmade accessories. RGU’s Startup Accelerator programme has positively influenced my professional development and been a great source of inspiration.”

A further success for Karolina was winning a Judge Award at The Virtual Design competition in Tokyo. Karolina explains more: “The Award is coined as the ‘Future Real Award’. I was so excited to win it! This international recognition has made me realise how well the teaching at RGU is equipping students like myself. We are not only gaining the inspiration to adopt a visionary approach, but the skills to create realistic designs. That's how our project stood out.”

Since completing her BSc in Architecture, Karolina has secured a job at a small architectural practice in her hometown in Poland. She now wants to build upon this in her masters and hopes to secure a job in a UK-based practice where she can complete her Part 3.

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