Runway to COP26

New energy, New jobs, New opportunities

Roles in decarbonised energies are projected to increase in the offshore energy sector in the next 10 years. Find out what this means for you and/or your organisation!

A new UK Offshore Energy Workforce Transferability Review by RGU highlights that the offshore energy workforce mix will change significantly in the next 10 years, with roles in decarbonised energies projected to increase from 20% to 65% of all jobs in the offshore energy sector (oil & gas, offshore wind, carbon capture utilisation and storage and hydrogen).

The Review also indicates that over 90% of the UK’s oil and gas workforce have medium to high skills transferability and are well positioned to work in adjacent energy sectors.

In the first of RGU’s ‘Runway to COP26’ webinars, Professor Paul de Leeuw and Sumin Kim will share the results of this in-depth review into the future skills needs for the offshore energy sector and what this means for the Government and Industry in regards to sustaining critical jobs.

This free online event is open to anyone interested in finding out more about this review and what the results mean for them as an individual or for their organisation.  It may also be of interest to companies and government bodies in other countries which are undergoing energy transition.

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