Runway to COP26

How digital solutions can power your net zero journey

Are you developing your organisation’s net zero strategy? Have you considered how digitising your operations and procedures can assist with this? Watch this video to hear from RGU’s team in School of Computing on how they have supported companies on their net zero journey by supporting them to digitise their business.

The Scottish Government have set the challenging target of reaching Net Zero by 2045. This means that all organisations will need to consider actions to reduce their carbon emissions. One way to help achieve this target is to migrate operations to digital platforms.

It is unquestionable that industries that operate with digital interfaces and tools have not only a competitive advantage, but also contribute to a reduction on their carbon footprint. In this webinar, four researchers from the School of Computing will showcase their latest advances in projects where digitisation and artificial intelligence are at the cornerstone towards achieving a more efficient and greener working environment.

Professor Nirmalie Wiratunga, Dr Carlos Moreno-García, Dr Ikechukwu Nkisi-Orji and Mr Chamath Palihawadana will share their insights and experience in developing digital and data solutions to address industry decarbonisation challenges.

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