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Addressing the Carbon challenge for house builders

How can mass volume house builders meet the challenge of zero carbon agenda? Watch this video as we address one of the key challenges facing the construction sector.

The Scottish Government have set the challenging target of reaching Net Zero by 2045. This means that all sectors will need to consider actions to reduce operational and embedded carbon emissions. One of the key challenges to overcoming the climate emergency is identifying ways in which the Construction & Built Environment sector can be decarbonised. Both retrofitting of existing, and the construction of new energy efficient buildings, will be crucial in ensuring the Net Zero goals are achieved within the sector.

Professor Gokay Deveci, designer of the first social housing certified to the Passivhaus standards in the UK, has experience of working with the one of the largest volume house builders in the sector. With 90% of new housing being constructed by volume house builders in the UK, this area of the construction market is under new pressures to consider the energy demands and efficiencies of new housing. In this webinar, Gokay will share his knowledge and recent experience of working with mass-volume house builders on how Passivhaus standards might be used as part of a Zero Carbon strategyā€¯ he will also share lessons learnt and recommendations for future.

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