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Hydrogen Rise (HyRISE) – Overcoming the Risks

Hydrogen will be crucial to the energy transition. This webinar will address how industry can overcome availability and risk factors to enable the acceleration of the hydrogen economy.

With the recent publishing of the UK’s official Hydrogen Strategy, the crucial role Hydrogen has to a Just and efficient Energy Transition is abundantly clear. A booming UK-wide hydrogen economy could be worth £900 million and create over 9,000 high-quality jobs by 2030. The strategy highlights the various polluting areas hydrogen can be integral in decarbonising, including: energy-intensive industries like chemicals, oil refineries, power; and heavy transport like shipping, HGV lorries and trains.

While there is an increasing focus on integrating hydrogen into many facets of the energy system, some consider there still to be barriers to enabling the growth of hydrogen as a widely used energy medium.

In this webinar, RGU expert Nadimul Faisal will discuss how the following key risks can be overcome:

  • Availability and access to catalytic materials
  • Reaction of hydrogen with atmosphere once produced

The discussion will touch on engineering materials needed for critical components used in hydrogen production through electrolysis, and ways this can be optimised via thermal spray coating techniques. Economic challenges will also be addressed, including the balance of cost-effectiveness and impact on the environment.

Leakage is another aspect of the hydrogen debate that can often be considered a barrier to it’s widescale uptake. This webinar will also consider ways to prevent leakage and other adverse outcomes of hydrogen usage.

This webinar is free to attend and is of interest to any organisation considering hydrogen, either implementing to reduce operational carbon emissions, or for commercial purposes such as electrolysers.

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