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Addressing Scope 3 emissions through effective supply chain management

Addressing Scope 3 emissions is a crucial challenge for all businesses when developing their Net Zero plans. This webinar will address reducing your carbon emissions through effective supply chain management.

The Scottish Government have set the challenging target of reaching Net Zero by 2045. This means that organisations in all sectors will need to consider how they might address key decarbonisation challenges. One such challenge is Scope 3 emissions. Scope 3 emissions are not only, in most cases, the hardest for an organisation to directly tackle, but they are also usually the biggest offenders in terms of carbon emissions.

Join RGU Aberdeen Business School experts Adekunle Oke and Oluyomi Osobajo, as they consider innovative techniques and methods for reducing supply chain carbon emissions.

Adekunle and Oluyomi will provide greater context as to what is categorised as ‘Scope 3 emissions’, and how an organisation can take control of these emissions via effective supply chain management. With the urgent challenge of reducing scope 3 emissions relevant to all sectors, this webinar will provide an overview of supply chain modelling techniques that can be implemented into a variety of different industries.

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