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The People Factor of the Corporate Energy Transition

Innovating new technologies and processes is key to the energy transition. This webinar will consider the importance of the people factor to the success of innovation within the energy industry.

The Scottish and UK Governments Net Zero targets has demanded an emphasis on change throughout the energy industry to accelerate the energy transition. To enable this transition, organisations throughout the supply chain are focusing on innovative processes and technologies, to reduce carbon emissions and increase business readiness for Net Zero future. While the development and design of new technologies is critical, the people factor of an organisation will be key to the success of innovation. An organisational culture that either facilitates or blocks innovative thinking will greatly impact the embedding and integration of new systems, technologies and processes.

This webinar will be hosted by RGU Aberdeen Business School academic Dr Ruby Roberts. Ruby is an expert in Industrial Psychology and led a large project assessing the people factors of innovation in the energy industry. During this webinar Ruby will consider the learnings from this project, and the work a company may want to consider to support investment and deployment of innovation.

During the presentation, Ruby will look at the psychological factors that influence corporate decision making, and how this can affect innovation adoption culture within an organisation. Ruby will also look at methods and support that can be provided to improve innovation culture, across all sectors. The energy transition will see individuals job roles and functions change as the demand grows for jobs within renewable energies, this webinar will touch upon the adaptability of individuals to new job functions and sectors.

This webinar is free to attend and will be of interest to all companies who are developing a Net Zero strategy and looking to innovation as a means to reduce carbon emissions.

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