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RGUplus is a range of opportunities you will have as a student at RGU, which will take you on a journey from citizen to global citizen.

Whilst studying at RGU, these opportunities will empower you to think globally, enhancing your employability and equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel beyond university and in your future career.

Employers are looking to hire graduates who not only have the right qualifications, knowledge and work experience but also transferable skills and attitude to allow them to excel in the role. At RGU, we believe each student has a unique set of skills and should graduate having explored and defined their individual identity.

RGUplus will help you to shine a light on your own skills, so no matter what subject you’re studying, you’ll be confident leaving RGU with an understanding and appreciation on your own unique skill set.

To achieve this, and add value to your course and university experience, we have three fundamental pillars of learning. These are Sustainability, Entrepreneurial Mindset and Beyond the Classroom.

Learn more about these pillars and how they will support your journey to becoming a global citizen.

For further information about RGUplus or any of the topics mentioned, contact the team:

Denis Law

Recognising the value of your skills, knowledge and your positive contribution as a volunteer, either in the community, or within university life.

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Employers now expect a deep understanding of how it intersects with your field. Our programs weave sustainability into learning, empowering you to shape a responsible world beyond university and throughout your career.

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RGU acknowledges the significance of fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. This equips you with vital skills relevant in our dynamic world. Through training, events, and projects, RGU students develop innovation, risk assessment, decision-making, and implementation abilities.

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Our Beyond the Classroom programme provides a platform for our students to actively participate in the economy whilst being responsive to social change, capturing every day experiences and recognising them as skills for the future.

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A summary of what is involved for our students as part of the RGUplus programme.

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View the online resource which gives examples of volunteering opportunities which could be part of your RGUplus citizenship journey. (Current students and staff only)

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