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Research Degree Themes

Health & Wellbeing

This theme captures our research which both promotes and protects human health and wellbeing in communities. It covers a breadth of research from long term conditions to new drug discovery and a wide range of disciplines spanning health, social and life sciences and pharmacy.

Health outcomes are influenced by social factors rather than medicines. These can include: social isolation, mental illness, homelessness, and food insecurity all common in deprived areas.

There have been significant advances in nurse prescribing over the past two decades, with the UK having the most extended nurse prescribing rights in the world.

Artists lead through practice, establish and lead organisations, and lead in civic contexts. Building on The Artist as Leader (Douglas and Fremantle 2009), The Discourse of Cultural Leadership (Price 2016), and recent work (Fremantle 2021, Naismith 2019, 2021) in the contexts of health & wellbeing and #netcarbonzero.

Ever since the seminal case of Soering v UK 1989 human rights have conditioned extradition practice.

Obesity is a well-known public health issue and the cost associated in the management of obesity related long term chronic conditions, such as, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and cancer, is enormous.

Tendinopathy is a common musculoskeletal condition that patients present to physiotherapy with.

Autoregulation of training is a developing process where training manipulation is based on the measurement of an individual’s perceived capability to perform, or a measurement of their performance.

Net-zero targets demand low-carbon transport; transitions from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) to Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) are a core element of low-carbon automobility.

People and Solutions Effective carbon dioxide (CO2) mitigation strategies are imperative to ensure a sustainable future.

Hypertension is a silent killer and a major preventable cause of many cardiovascular morbidities and mortalities [1].

SMEs adopting Nature-based solutions to address climate and environmental concerns are emerging in response to #netcarbonzero agendas.

UK is facing an aging population. It is important to help people live independently to reduce strains on health services.

Current investigation into the effect of sprint interval training (SIT) has been limited to acute programmes (i.e. <12 weeks), with a lack of clarity regarding how acute programme manipulation impacts the extent of performance outcomes gained.

Traditional cyber security training and awareness approaches often have limited long term impact on employee behaviour and security culture within an organisation.

Upholding individual autonomy and respecting individual decisions is key in medico-legal decision-making.

This PhD will lead on from evidence synthesis work conducted at RGU that identified the need to better understand the experience of physiotherapy management for tendinopathy.

Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is a common and effective surgical treatment for end-stage osteoarthritis of the knee.

Nurses professional identity was instrumental to their altruism in caring for people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Climate change is the most significant health threat that modern society has ever faced.

Long Covid is a condition where people experience prolonged or new symptoms after a COVID-19 infection.

International evidence indicates that poverty-driven household food insecurity directly affects health outcomes including obesity and diabetes, mental health, and leads to poor health condition management, increased health care use and hospital admissions, and premature death.

The material fabric of a city is intricately tied to that city or region’s identity.

The intestinal immune system faces a unique challenge in remaining tolerant to dietary antigens and the microbiota, while protecting against infection.

Since the start of the Covid19 pandemic, health and social care systems globally are having to deal with the health consequences of existing and exacerbated economic hardship amongst different population groups, some of whom have never previously been unaffected by the same, and this situation is predicted to worsen over the coming years.

This study aims to build on the theory of Dark Knowledge proposed by Burnett and Lloyd (2020).

Mental wellbeing amongst University students is of growing concern.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic > 90% of the global population have been legally required to use of facemasks in public locations.

The school nurse role is underpinned by the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

The Covid-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented crisis in terms of social, economic, and environmental implications, with diverse consequences and unparalleled severity for most organisations (Boiral et al., 2021), including UK HEIs and beyond.

The project would focus on young men’s interactions with the manosphere: a coalition of online communities in which anti-feminist/ male hegemonic masculinities are constructed and affirmed via alpha and beta masculine identities.

Clinical diagnosis is usually done by experienced clinicians. Wide variations of patients make the diagnosis being a laborious task which may be translated into high costs and human errors.

Has the global pandemic affected how computing students learn and engage with courses?

Fibrosis occurs as a consequence of the increased deposition of components of the extracellular matrix (e.g. collagen) in a tissue/organ leading to increased tissue rigidity.

Maternal poverty-driven food insecurity and its impact on breastfeeding decision-making is poorly understood in the UK context.

Climate change poses two types of risk for the corporate sector: physical and transition risks.

This proposal builds on the multi-disciplinary research project Augmented Fashion to initiate innovative responses to challenges identified during Covid-19 to both creative industries businesses and to individuals.

There has been a drastic rise in obesity over the past 30 years.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an emerging technique in clinical imaging and Magnetic Resonance (MR) guided minimally invasive type surgical procedures are gaining popularity among the clinicians.

There are a number of documented age differences in memory. Information processing speed decreases with age, recall becomes more variable, and older adults can experience difficulty in encoding items for recall.

This PhD project will investigate chronic pain in people with longer term post-Covid symptoms (Long Covid).

Chronic exclusion by peers is harmful to children (Crowley et al., 2010).

The study would use a mixed-methods approach of content and discourse analysis of Scottish local, regional and national newspapers and interviews with journalists, Gender-Based Violence service providers, and organisations such as Zero Tolerance.

Children are future urban managers. Sustainability inevitably means fair resource allocation so that the future generation would not encounter resource depletion due to improper urban management and decisions.

The challenges that family members who care for those with mental health illnesses face are well documented in literature.

The transition to university can be an anxious time for students, the aftermath of remote working has exacerbated these feelings of uncertainty and unhappiness (Watermeyer et al. 2021).

Cancer is a common cause of death around the world. Chemotherapy with cytotoxic drugs remains to be the most frequently used treatment approach.

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disease It is often characterised by cognitive deficiency and memory loss.

Empirical (Gandy et al. 2018; Metcalf et al. 2005) and anecdotal evidence suggests that business schools tend to have higher staff turnover than other departments owing in part to the opportunity these academics have to work in business and industry and academia in the quest for career progression and work-life balance (Qudah et al. 2018; McCarthy and Dragouni, 2020; Ndubuka 2020).

Empirical and anecdotal evidence suggests that research is the fastest and most recognised route for academic career progression in UK HEIs.

Several different types of cancer including breast cancer are becoming more insensitive and resistant to current pharmacotherapies, which is due in large part to dysregulation of transporter molecules (i.e. ABCG2) leading to impaired drug adsorption, a process termed ‘multidrug resistance’ (MDR).

Research evaluation is not peculiar to the UK Higher Education Institution (HEI) climate. There are similar assessment frameworks to the UK Research Excellence Framework (REF), including but not limited to Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA), Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) in New Zealand, and Research quality evaluation in Sweden – FOKUS.

Eating a well-balanced diet, with adequate nutrients is a fundamental requirement for continued health. However, despite the clear connections between nutrition and health, worldwide, more than one third of adult population is obese or overweight.

Many people prefer to die at home and informal caregivers need to feel prepared to care for a patient discharged home for end-of-life care.

The physical preparation of athletes has become increasingly data driven with daily monitoring of athletes' wellness and physical capacity.

Severe forms of sepsis require hospital admission and treatment in intensive care. Such implies a significant cost to NHS and society more broadly.

The food and drink manufacturing and processing industry has an important part to play in reducing food waste and transitioning to a circular economy paradigm where by-products are processed in an effective and sustainable way; generating greater socio-economic value, and tackling climate change.

Young caregivers (YCs) contribute towards the health and wellbeing of a dependent family member. The role can place burdens upon the YCs that can result in negative outcomes such as stress, anxiety and social isolation.

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