RGU teams up with ICM Group to use simulator

Thursday 02 March 2023

Paulo Morirz, director of operations ICM Group and Professor Phil Hassard, RGU’s drilling simulator manager with DART in the background.
RGU has agreed a strategic partnership with an international energy company to allow them to use the University’s oil rig drilling simulation systems to train their clients.

ICM Group will use the RGU 6000 system to provide crucial training in well control, managed pressure drilling (MPD) and cyber chair training. It will also focus on stuck pipe training.

This hands-on and practical experience will support the upskilling of energy industry personnel and the development of important expertise.  RGU’s drilling simulator provides realistic real-time training within a virtual drilling environment and specific incidents can be incorporated within each simulation scenario.

ICM Group will also offer opportunities for students to learn about their own expertise within the energy sector. 

Professor Phil Hassard, RGU’s drilling simulator manager, said: “This partnership is a fantastic opportunity for RGU to use the advanced drilling simulation to help a major energy business provide vital skills to the workforce.  

“The RGU 6000 simulator will be used to carry out advance well control training for one of ICM’s clients and our students will also benefit because the company are looking at ways to provide their own expertise throughout the semester. 

“This partnership is a great way of showcasing RGU’s facilities and the potential impact they can have far beyond our Garthdee campus.  It is the ideal way for both academia and industry to work hand in hand to make improvements and ensure that those working in the offshore energy sector are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.”   

Paulo Morirz, director of operations ICM Group, said: “The partnership will allow ICM to further expand their capabilities to train and develop the energy sector workforce worldwide.  We will provide cyber chair, well control, stuck pipe and other technical courses utilising the great infrastructure at RGU.

“This partnership also entails initiative to collaborate with RGU to serve the academic body providing workshops, lectures and opportunities to further develop the students who are wishing to pursue a career in the energy industry.”

Image: Paulo Morirz, director of operations ICM Group and Professor Phil Hassard, RGU’s drilling simulator manager.

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