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DART Centre of Excellence Simulation Facilities operate under the RGU Energy Transition Institute and includes a Drilling and Wells Simulator and a Decommissioning Simulator.

The DART Centre has the facilities to allow your business to run-through practical exercises within a safe environment.

Drilling and Wells Simulator

The Simulator uses the latest cyber-based drilling systems to allow your business to practice real-time drilling activities including managed pressure drilling, deep water drilling and monitoring and control systems. The facility can be used by a variety of businesses including drilling contractors, operators and equipment manufacturers.

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Find out more about our Drilling & Wells Simulator

Decommissioning Simulator

This Simulator includes manual brake and rig controls typical of conventional drilling rigs. The latest downhole monitoring and well plugging and abandonment (P&A) tools have been connected to the 3D visualisation package allowing you to exercise simultaneous scenarios. This unique capability will help to enhance the safety, improve efficiency and reduce cost of the decommissioning process of oil and gas wells for your business.


Find out more about our Decommissioning Simulator

Virtual Reality Rig Environments

Our virtual reality Rig Environments (VR) is a computer technology that uses our virtual reality system to generate realistic images, and other sensations of a land and offshore rig.


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