Sarath Sarasappan - MSc Data Science

Sarath Sarasappan - MSc Data Science
When Sarath Sarasappan walked across The Music Hall stage and graduates from RGU it was the realisation of a long-held dream.

The 29-year-old feels his time at the University studying MSc Data Science has helped his personal and professional growth as he plans to work in this sector. The MSc Data Science course at RGU readies students with the knowledge and skills needed to design computer-analytics solutions across a wide range of industries. 

Sarath secured a British Council scholarship, so he was able to join RGU’s School of Computing for the duration of his postgraduate course.  He left a job in India so he could take up his place.

He feels RGU has been “instrumental” in plotting a positive course for his future career as he hopes to secure a job in the computing industry with a specific interest in data science, which looks at vast amounts of data and it can be useful in range of disciplines like natural sciences, business and society in general. 

Sarath said: “RGU has been instrumental in charting a trajectory of growth for my career. The knowledge and skills I gained from RGU are invaluable assets that I'm confident will significantly impact my professional journey. The robust foundation laid by RGU has equipped me with the necessary tools to navigate complexities and excel in my chosen field. I am certain that the learnings and experiences garnered here will continuously propel me toward achieving milestones and making substantial contributions in my career endeavours.”

As part of the scholarship Sarath was able to build on his academic knowledge after taking part in the in the Scottish Government Scholarship meetup in Glasgow in March this year as well as going to the British Council’s Scholarship network event in Manchester. 

He said attend these sorts of events “significantly contributed” to his development and strengthened his belief in the “unparalleled belief” of studying at RGU. 

Sarath added: “Realising my dream of studying my favourite course on an international platform was a pinnacle moment for me, and RGU was the catalyst that turned this aspiration into reality. I owe immense gratitude to the British Council for bestowing upon me the Scholarship, which not only enabled but empowered me to pursue my studies here.  From an academic and professional standpoint, I wholeheartedly advocate for RGU as the optimal university for those seeking comprehensive growth. My time here has been filled with countless enriching experiences.” 

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