Rhona MacLennan - MBA Master of Business Administration

Aberdeen Business School in Riverside Building
Having worked in her own family run business for well over a decade, Rhona MacLennan decided to go back to university to upskill and add to her previously obtained postgraduate degree in Human Resource Management.

“I went to work for the family company for a brief spell but 15 years later I am still working there! My mum had encouraged me to undertake a course which would give me the theoretical underpinning to my role in the company which I had ‘fallen’ into.”

The option of undertaking a part-time MBA at RGU’s Aberdeen Business School was attractive in order for Rhona to primarily balance her full-time work alongside learning, as well as what was still to come later in her studies - motherhood.

“I knew I wanted to enhance my knowledge but was aware that taking time out of my career wasn’t possible. The part-time study option at RGU meant I was able to continue with work and because RGU is local to me it would allow me to meet up with my fellow students.

“I also had to take a break in my studies to have my son. I found out I was pregnant just as I was about to start my final year. I found it hard to juggle work and study but hadn’t realised how hard it would be to juggle work, studying and a baby when I did eventually return! The University and my work were extremely accommodating for which I am very thankful.”

The Master of Business Administration postgraduate degree at RGU is renowned for the way in which it combines theory with practice, as well as its flexibility, accreditations, and industry links.

“As a Business Manager I was already doing some of the things I learned about the on the MBA. However, being able to back fill my knowledge with theory and frameworks has enabled me to be more efficient and directed in how I do things now and in future.

“There were other elements of the MBA I haven’t yet had a chance to put in to practice but I know will stand me in good stead, as the concepts won’t be alien to me. I feel that my course has given me the academic underpinning to my role that I didn’t have before and with that a greater confidence in my ability.

“The highlight of the course for me was the enthusiasm and care the lecturers have for the students. They really made an effort to make the topics relevant and interesting and I felt they went the extra mile to engage with students and offer help when needed, as well as making sure that students were able to see the relevance in their own business setting.”

With the double win of a graduation with distinction and a baby son to go with it, Rhona’s optimistic about the steps her career can now take.

“I intend to stay in Aberdeen and use my MBA to enhance my current role and progress my career. I feel I now have the academic background and practical experience in managing an SME business which makes my skill set attractive to public and private sector opportunities.

“I really like the idea of growing businesses and supporting local enterprises, and I like the ideas around sustainable development and the energy transition so I will actively seek out opportunities that help me develop those interests.”

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