Claudia Fuentes Ajungo - MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences

Claudia Fuentes Ajungo
A student from Mexico has graduated from Robert Gordon University having relocated to the North East to enhance her expertise and become a “worldwide agent”.

Claudia Fuentes Ajungo moved across the world to study a postgraduate degree in MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences at RGU’s School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences having worked for the past five years in the industry.

Awarded a scholarship which helped enable her to take the full-time option, Claudia opted for RGU having researched that the institution was “among the top UK universities for teaching excellence”.

She also cites many other reasons for firstly joining RGU as well as the various highlights from her time on the course and in Aberdeen.

“Knowing that the UK is one of the top leaders in human health and pharmaceutics which could allow me to become a competent pharmaceutical expert in UK and Mexico attracted me in the first place.

“This and also knowing that RGU was among the UK top universities for teaching excellence. By studying here I have become a worldwide agent with experience in different countries and different languages, especially in international human health and regulations.

“RGU is a very inclusive university. I had the pleasure to participate in extracurricular activities as the Latin Society, which gave me the opportunity to know a lot of people and become part of the RGU community and not be only a student but a happy human being.

“I always felt cared and heard by RGU:Union too, not only have I been a part of the Scottish community but had a voice to share the traditions of my home country.

“I think RGU has a lot of tools to make your student life easier and therefore it has a lot of paths to make your career successful, even if it is in educational or industrial, they support your potential and encourage you to follow your dreams depending on your skills.

“I loved the facilities of university. The library is a perfect space for doing your assignments, the view is really inspiring, and also RGU SPORT is a good space for taking out of the stress. The social activities of RGU make your studies a complete experience where you get to know and connect with more people and relieve some stress that will make your studies more successful and a fun experience.

“People from all over the world come to study with you giving you a different perspective of life and career.”

The 28-year-old is now on the lookout for employment in the pharmaceutical industry and is “more than happy to stay” in Aberdeen having made the Granite City her home from home.

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