Carlyn Bezensek - MSc Analytical Science

Carlyn Bezensek
A former nurse from Ayrshire is graduating with a distinction having studied part-time at RGU which allowed her to juggle a master’s degree in Analytical Science while proving to her daughter that “hard work pays off”.

Carlyn Bezensek already held degrees in Neuroscience and Pharmacology before a period of years working as a nurse.

“I came into the course after taking an extended break from work in nursing following the birth of my daughter.

“Having a young child focuses the mind. It made me realise I needed to set an example and show that you can and should pursue your true passions. I wanted to show my daughter that hard work pays off while at the same time, hopefully, pursuing a course which would enable me to work more ‘child-friendly’ hours!”

Her degree specialises in Drug Analysis and Toxicology in the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences and was chosen by Carlyn for the University’s “forward thinking and close collaborations with industry”.

“The course has enabled me to plan and manage projects and problem solve along the way. It’s also enabled me to manage my time very effectively, between planning aspects of different projects, writing assignments and planning these around long commutes, childcare, and a partner whose work requires a lot of overseas travel.

“The degree has given me the skills to write and communicate my knowledge and findings in a variety of different formats and for different target audiences. It was outward looking and equipped with a diverse range of different equipment.

“The first of the two years of the course was completed during the pandemic so the lectures were mainly given via Zoom. My daughter probably sat in on about a third of those lectures and expressed her opinions on some, snoring loudly!

“I particularly liked the final project. There was a great deal of respect for my abilities and the fact that I’m a very visual and hands-on learner. There was a real appreciation of the idea that you can only really learn by getting stuck in and finding things out by yourself and making mistakes at times. There was always support on hand when needed but I, more or less, had the freedom to take the project in whichever direction I felt it was leading me depending on the results I was getting.”

Carlyn made use of RGU’s careers support services, who were “particularly helpful” in pointing the mature student in various, previously unconsidered, avenues while being “very reassuring” in relation to the flexibility and empathy for mothers with young children in the workplace.

What’s next?

“My mind’s open! I’ve always loved the world of academia and, if funded PhDs were to come up, I’d certainly consider them. I am aware of a couple of pharmaceutical companies close by so I am keeping my eyes open on that front.”

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