Emmy Collins - BA (Hons) Fashion Management

Emmy Collins graduating
Once Emmy Collins realised in secondary school that a career in the fashion industry is what she wanted to pursue, she knew that university was the next best step to help broaden her knowledge and understanding of her passion - and it’s at RGU where she did just that.

Having progressed through Albyn School in Aberdeen, where fashion wasn’t a huge part of the curriculum, Emmy decided to go straight into higher education. She made the choice to attend RGU, where a degree in Fashion Management seemed like the perfect fit for her and her strengths.

“I was initially attracted to the Fashion Management course at RGU because of the combination of creative and written assessments. In school, I always excelled in extended writing subjects such as English, as well as creative subjects such as Art and Design.

“I was also massively attracted to the placement opportunities of my course, which I had read a lot about beforehand, and knew going into my course that a year-long placement was something I wanted to achieve.”

While studying, Emmy found the lecturers, some of whom had previously worked in the industry, to be beneficial in providing her and other students with first-hand knowledge and insight of what a career in fashion may look like. Emmy also utilised the “very supportive” career support services who helped to review her CV, its help coming to fruition by the way of obtaining a placement with renowned leisure wear firm Gymshark.

“I am extremely proud of the year-long placement that I completed as part of my degree. My placement was based at Gymshark, where I took on the position of Materials Intern for 13 months at their office in Birmingham.

“The experience gave me first-hand insight into what working in the fashion industry is really like, and was where I learnt the majority of industry-based skills which I can transfer into future work. I truly believe that this opportunity massively heightened my employability, as well as allowing me to establish connections in the industry at an early stage in my career.”

Having already benefited from working for such a well establish brand, Emmy has already secured her next impressive step on the career ladder.

“I have recently started my first full time job since finishing university, as a Buying Admin Assistant at PrettyLittleThing! For this job, I recently relocated to Manchester, which has been a very exciting and surreal experience!

“I was so pleased to land a role in fashion buying as this was the sector I wanted to start a career in. I’m thoroughly enjoying my new role so far, working in a very fast paced fashion environment.”

The 22-year-old credits Robert Gordon University for much of her development.

 “RGU definitely prepared me for my next step onto the career ladder with the placement opportunities on offer. I feel I was much better equipped for starting a permanent role in the industry, as I knew what to expect in terms of procedures and expectations.

“I would say the teaching methods are particularly beneficial in providing students with first-hand industry advice and knowledge. Several lecturers have previously worked in areas of the Fashion industry, which was great for giving students an insight into what these areas are like to work in! Personally, it was really beneficial being taught by Regan (Kyle, Lecturer), who has previously worked in Fashion Buying - the area of fashion I aspired to start a career in.

“Learning the ins and outs of fashion buying via her own experiences was very insightful, especially knowing that Regan knew what she was talking about! When I began applying for jobs in fashion buying, she was really supportive in offering me advice for interviews.”

While Emmy experienced many highs during her time at university, she also overcome adversity having lost a close family member.

“Particularly in my final year, I am so proud of how I have managed personal difficulties alongside university work. In November 2023, during my first semester of fourth year, I unfortunately lost my step-mum Kristine to Cancer.

“Learning to deal with grief alongside the demands of my final year of university was difficult, but being able to graduate despite this challenge was a non-negotiable goal of mine.

“I am so proud to be graduating with a first-class honour’s degree in Fashion Management and as the 2024 top student for stage 4 Fashion Management.”

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