Sophie Noble - BSc Midwifery

Sophie Noble
With a passion to care for others and a strong family connection to the NHS, 21-year-old Sophie from Macduff, is starting her first job as a newly qualified midwife in the labour ward at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital.

As a child growing up in Macduff, 21-year-old Sophie always knew she wanted to work in a job where she cared for other people. She had strong family connections to the healthcare sector as one of her aunties worked in mental health, and another was a social worker. She also had a cousin with a degree in physiotherapy from RGU.

She’s now graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery from the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedic Practice and says going to University is something she always wanted to do. Whilst at school at Banff Academy, she came to open days at RGU where she talked to nursing students about their roles.

“I went through quite a list of different career options in health care as there are so many career paths to choose from, before finally settling on midwifery. It’s a decision I’ve not regretted and I’m so glad I applied to study Midwifery at RGU.

“Midwifery is so much more than about just cuddling babies. You get to make a real and long-term impact on families’ lives.  You learn extensive knowledge about labour and delivery methods and gain a real understanding about how to support mothers through pregnancy, labour and in the time immediately after birth.

“I love being able to make connections with people and to helping provide a warm and calm environment for mothers and their newborn babies.  People put an amazing about of trust in you and you gain a real job satisfaction that I don’t think I’d get from any other career."

Whilst at University, Sophie used RGU’s Counselling & Wellbeing Service a few times, as she struggled having to stay at home and be away from everyone during the pandemic.

“Our classes were all online from the start of the pandemic until we completed our course and RGU’s Counselling & Wellbeing Service really helped me. It was helpful to talk to qualified professionals about my feelings and to speak to someone I didn’t know.

“During my time at RGU, the midwifery lecturers were all so helpful and understanding during the pandemic especially as it was a challenging situation for them to be in too! I really loved coming back to campus after the pandemic to do midwifery scenarios/simulations, and it was great to come in and see everyone as we hadn’t seen each other for such a long time.”

Since finishing her course at RGU, Sophie has started working as a newly qualified midwife in labour ward at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital.

“I absolutely love it although it can be stressful at times! I’m now even more certain that midwifery is the career for me.

“My time at RGU has prepared me for my career in a way that it has helped me come out of my shell as I'm quite an introverted person at times! I feel super happy and proud that I have achieved my degree. I’d really encourage others to take the first step to find out more about starting a career in midwifery at RGU as it’s a decision I’m so glad I took.”

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