Lynne Smith - Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Lynne Smith
Lynne Smith, Director of Central in Aberdeen, has been awarded an Honorary Degree from Robert Gordon University (RGU) during the University's graduation ceremonies this week.

“Lynne’s a stalwart in her field and this recognition of her is well deserved for years of hard work in business and for her selfless nature to help provide for others”, said Professor Steve Olivier, Principal and Vice Chancellor.

“During the pandemic, Central, under Lynne’s stewardship, helped so many people. From transporting key workers to helping those in need, she oversaw a difficult period by putting people before profit – an admirable stance for us all to aspire to.”

She received the Doctor of Business Administration award for her significant contribution to community engagement and extensive charitable work throughout the North East of Scotland, presented by Vice Principal for Academic Development and Student Experience, Lynn Kilbride.

Lynne took over the running of Central, the local family-owned business, following the sudden death of her late husband, Derek, in 2006.

Continuing with the same original principles of ‘high standards at low rates’, the firm has grown substantially over the years and is now an instantly recognisable brand in the North East of Scotland with extensive travel provision for clients including RGU, Aberdeen FC and Dundee United FC.

Aside from her clear business judgement, expertise, and success as a hands-on business Director, Lynne is also being recognised for her regular and extensive contribution to Aberdeen where she has dedicated a significant amount of time and resource to the local community.

During the pandemic, part of Central’s 120+ fleet of vehicles were dedicated to helping transport key workers to their NHS shifts while others were used to transport food parcels to local communities. Alongside the provision of transport, the firm also supplied drivers.

Lynne, a doting mother of three, has translated this selflessness from her business to personal life too, becoming a key component for many charities and community projects in the North East.

She is a long-time supporter of Denis Law Legacy Trust, the local children’s charity that is run in partnership with RGU through its flagship programme Streetsport, providing regular transport for various programmes that help vulnerable young people in Aberdeen communities.

She’s also Trustee of Russell Anderson Foundation; a long-time supporter and Befriender of nine years at Befriend a Child; and sat on the Children’s Panel for ten years, dedicating her own time to improving the lives of young people in the city she was raised and gives so generously back to.

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