Katie Johnson - DPT Doctorate of Physiotherapy

Katie Johnson
When Katie Johnson walks across the stage at P&J Live she will be one of the very first graduates to complete the Doctorate of Physiotherapy at RGU.

The 28-year-old from Auchterarder, Perthshire combined her studies while working as a physiotherapist with the NHS and in a private clinic.

Katie had a previous degree in anatomy, then sports rehabilitation and movement analysis and she took a break of 10 months working at a hotel before starting at RGU.

She said a visit to the University’s campus on the banks of the River Dee and being able to work with different health boards around Scotland during the duration of the three and a half year course was a big help in convincing her to start the Doctorate of Physiotherapy.

Katie said: “I knew RGU had a good reputation for its physiotherapy courses, but I was sold on the university when I attended the campus and went for a tour of the facilities. I liked the campus location with the available green space. Specifically, to my course, I liked the available facilities and the staff I had met with.

“I was able to experience a variety of health boards and clinical specialties as a part of my degree which rounded me as a clinician. The people I met while studying have been a standout aspect of studying at RGU.

“Many of the people I studied with are now colleagues which helps with working relationships and connections.”

Katie has gone to work as a physiotherapist with NHS Grampian and feels the skills and knowledge she acquired while at RGU have been vital for her career.

The former Dollar Academy pupil accessed counselling services during her programme and took part in a session with the Careers Support services to help with interview skills.

She added: “I am working full time as a physiotherapist within the NHS. I am also involved in NHS Endowment funded research following the research I conducted as part of my degree.

“I have gained many physiotherapy skills, problem solving and research skills which I was able to consolidate by working clinically towards the end of my degree.”

In the Complete University Guide 2024, Physiotherapy at RGU was ranked overall first in Scotland and third in the UK for its discipline while also being top in the UK for student satisfaction and both graduate prospect measures.

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