Alex Gauntt - MSc Commercial Practice for the Energy Sectors

grad_21Alex Gauntt
Despite a successful career in the renewable energy industry, Alex Gauntt always regretted not completing a degree before starting his first job.

The 37-year-old, who lives in Aberdeen, has now graduated with an MSc Commercial Practice for the Energy Sectors from RGU’s Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment. Alex mastered studying while working full-time in a Directors role, as well as juggling childcare and a global pandemic and has graduated with Distinction.

Speaking of his experience, he said: “I have been working in the renewable energy industry for the best part of 17 years now, and have had a fairly successful career, though I always regretted not completing a degree before starting my first job.

“I chose this course at RGU as it offered an opportunity for me to prove to myself that I genuinely am knowledgeable in the Commercial aspects of the Energy industry. I am super proud of this achievement, as not only was there a pandemic on resulting in no school or childcare facilities for my son, but I was working full time in a Director role, adapting to the new normal of remote working while my wife also worked part-time.

“Through RGU I have built some long-lasting relationships with key staff, tutors, administrators and of course other students. I was amazed at the different angles and interests everyone brought to the course, I am particularly impressed with those international students who did the courses in a language (and time zone) so different to their own! 

“Completing the degree has given me confidence in my ability to create new content worth something, and immediately upon completing the course was given my first opportunity to undertake some freelance consultancy - sharing my industry knowledge and expertise, bolstered by the recognition of the independent capabilities my MSc demonstrated me capable of.”

Alex founded a green hydrogen development company, Water to Water, and is looking forward to what the future will bring.

He added: “Having an MSc from RGU adds credibility and confidence to my next move, whatever it may be and I am pleased and honoured to have been given this chance.”

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