Rebecca Wagg – BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics

RGU Graduate Rebecca Wagg
Rebecca Wagg’s experiences within the healthcare industry have moved her to pursue a career centred around helping others by empowering them to improve their health and their lives through proper nutrition and dietetics.

Rebecca (26) graduated from Robert Gordon University (RGU) with a first-class honours degree in Nutrition and Dietetics on Friday 7 August at a virtual graduation ceremony in front of friends, family and peers from around the globe. 

“My whole journey through university has been incredible,” said Rebecca. “For four years I have had the privilege of walking to class through a beautiful campus, meeting the most wonderful people and making life-long friends. 

“I’ve been taught by lecturers who are clearly passionate and knowledgeable in their subject areas. The course inspired and challenged me to achieve more than I realised I was even capable of. I’ll never forget the feeling I had opening my final results to see ‘First Class Honours’.” 

Growing up, Rebecca experienced many elements of the healthcare system from the patient’s point of view as her mother was affected by multiple health challenges, including immune deficiency and cancer.

“I learned how critically important and life-sustaining nutrition is,” said Rebecca. “Nutrition represented an area of empowerment – something that was within our control that made a difference. 

“I started to research nutrition in my own time and discovered just how many conditions can benefit from nutritional advice and support. I realised that I wanted to expand my knowledge and go on to empower others struggling with their health.” 

Rebecca excelled during her time at RGU, receiving straight A’s in her first and final years. She appreciated the strength and range of knowledge that RGU’s core lecturers offered from their specialist areas and enjoyed learning from the many guest lecturers invited to supplement the learning experience. 

“The variety of specialist subjects that I’ve been able to experience at RGU has been enlightening. In my first year alone, I studied quantum physics and performed DNA electrophoresis. I’ve had the opportunity to learn research methods and nutritional epidemiology from lecturers with more than 50 research publications to their name. I’ve also studied microbiology, biochemistry and molecular nutrition, and each of the lecturers used their own wealth of experience to enhance module content.” 

“My lecturers really knew what they were talking about because they had been there and done it themselves. Looking back on the course, arguably the strongest element was the quality of the material I was learning.” 

Rebecca chose to study RGU’s nutrition and dietetics course because it is accredited by the Health and Care Professions Council, allowing graduates to become legally registered dietitians and work in the NHS or privately. 

Rebecca adds: “My degree has allowed me the flexibility of thinking about several career paths. I’m considering studying a PhD or working in the NHS as a dietitian. I would also welcome the opportunity to work in the private sector.”

Note: The honours degree in Nutrition and Dietetics has been succeeded by the Master of Dietetics course.

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