Naomi Morris - BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management

Naomi Morris
Naomi Morris had always loved travelling so when picking which university she wanted to attend, the placement and study abroad opportunities set RGU apart from the rest.

Despite the current Covid-19 pandemic changing the way she was taught, the 22-year-old from Edinburgh is celebrating gaining a First Class degree in International Hospitality Management, as well as achieving straight A’s and an award for Best Overall Student.

She is also celebrating after receiving an Inspirational Student Prize for the work she carried out during lockdown. Naomi was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement to develop a ‘Help schools teach children about race’ campaign which involves providing schools in Scotland with a bundle of 26 books to help teach the children from a young age about racism.

She said: “RGU provided a placement year in which I could work in the USA and I loved travelling so it was for that reason I decided to study at the university. The highlight of my time at RGU was being able to work in the USA in third year at Waccabuc Country Club and Ocean Reef.

“The placement opportunities and study abroad really do set RGU apart from the rest of the universities in the U.K. RGU allowed me to make contacts in the industry and further my knowledge in fields not just related to hospitality.

“I was due to move to Boston to work as a trainee manager in a country club. This job opportunity arose due to working for private members I met at ocean reef who wanted me to stay in the USA. Due to Covid-19 this has been postponed but hopefully in 2021 I will be able to return.”

Naomi, who was also president of the Weightlifting Club during her time at RGU, said the last few months of university were difficult but rewarding at the same time.

“Working from home was not the easiest but my friendship group held each other accountable to finishing work and we called every day to make sure we were all on the right track,” she continued.

“I am over the moon at what I have achieved and been able to do whilst at university, I never expected to graduate with straight A’s and best overall student.  RGU provided me with real life training and friends for life. I started in 2015 and then moved to Australia so I have been able to join 2 course year groups allowing me to have a wide circle of friends.

“I’m happy to say that every one of us achieved a first class degree due to pushing each other to our fullest. The standard of teaching we also received was amazing and the support from educators during the pandemic was incredible.

“My time at RGU has prepared me for the future even in these uncertain times. I am resilient and open to new opportunities. I thank everyone at RGU for allowing students to flourish and take part in so many different areas of student life.”

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