Chloe Pearson, Mechanical Engineering

Chloe Pearson
Chloe Pearson is on the road to becoming chartered after achieving a Master’s degree from RGU while also securing an engineering job with Apollo Offshore Engineering in Aberdeen.

She graduates with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with Merit from the School of Engineering on Friday 12 July.

Originally completing a HND in Mechanical Engineering at North East Scotland College (NESCol), Chloe chose to go to university by taking part in Degree Link. Degree Link is a joint programme between RGU and NESCol which aims to make it easier for learners to progress into higher education, allowing them to finish their studies at university and secure a degree with no time loss.

“I feel proud of my time at university,” said Chloe. “Actually getting a degree was a really big deal for me so completing my Master’s feels amazing. I think it is great that programmes like Degree Link exist to support students if they choose to progress from college to university.

“I was attracted to RGU, and the course itself, because of the impressive facilities shown throughout Open Days. The computing labs use the same software that is used within various industries, and students also get access to engineering application labs and non-destructive testing areas. This helped to add an element of the workplace to the course which I think prepared me well.”

Chloe also credits her work for the university, both as a Student Ambassador and a Demonstrator, aiding with research for the School of Engineering, as aspects that helped her step onto the career ladder.

“I was a Student Ambassador for two years while studying and this involved promoting engineering to potential students from local secondary schools. A lot of school pupils do not realise that college can be a gateway to university so I tried to remind them that even if you do not get the grades you need at school, then there are other ways to start a degree. I gained an Engagement award from RGU and RGU:Union for my work here which was a great achievement and showed me that my work was really valued.

“As a Demonstrator, I undertook a variety of projects across different areas of engineering with my research. I gathered a lot of different experiences which I used to boost my answers to questions in job interviews. This role also gave me further experience which I can apply to different industries, and enhanced my transferable skills, such as communication and collaboration.

“I am looking forward to putting everything I have learned and experienced throughout my course and my roles as Student Ambassador and Demonstrator into practice in my new role at Apollo.”

Rich Curtis, HR Manager at Apollo Offshore Engineering said the company was impressed with Chloe’s well-rounded skill-set: “Her answers during our Graduate Assessment Day were technically very strong and she was able to work through problems in a methodical way. She also has interests outside of her studies which she articulated well and clearly demonstrated behaviours which are closely aligned with our company values. She will be a great addition to our structural engineering discipline.”

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