Charlotte McInnes, Applied Biomedical Science

Charlotte McInnes
With eyes on a future in healthcare, an Applied Biomedical Science student graduated from Robert Gordon University with the first step in her career already secured.

Charlotte McInnes (21) took a BSc in Applied Biomedical Science home to Nairn after the graduation ceremony at His Majesty’s Theatre on Thursday 11 July.

“Being at university has been a fantastic experience,” said Charlotte. “Not only has it set me up for the career I want, but also allowed me to gain more independence and become more self-sufficient.

“I’m really grateful to have met all the people I have during my four years. The lecturers for my course have been amazingly helpful with everything from my placement to the research project to just general queries.”

At school, Charlotte enjoyed exploring in-depth subjects and was interested in learning more about healthcare science, specifically blood sciences and microbiology. RGU’s Applied Biomedical Science course gave Charlotte the opportunity to expand her knowledge in these areas while offering placements to hone industry-ready skills.

Charlotte adds: “The opportunity for placement in hospital laboratories really appealed to me. It was one of the main reasons why I chose the course. Placement in a hospital setting shows you how it all really works. It also allowed me to achieve my registration portfolio and gain the skills and experience needed to start work.

“This practical aspect of the course meant I learned a lot more compared to the traditional learning environment and really helped me to put theory into practice.”

Charlotte discovered she was dyslexic in her fifth year at school. RGU’s Inclusion Centre and its dedicated team were able to provide advice and guidance to help her succeed in her studies.

“They always offered me the support I needed which really helped me to explore ways to cope and manage my university life and studies,” said Charlotte. “I also took advantage of the Employability and Professional Enrichment Hub to explore options, better my CV and personal statements, and take part in mock interviews.”

Charlotte has already found employment as a Trainee Biomedical Scientist in Raigmore Hospital, Inverness.

“I was really happy to get a job in time for leaving university,” adds Charlotte. “My portfolio and time on placement have made me feel much more confident to work in this environment.”

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