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Sulav Bhattachan

Sulav Bhattachan

MSc Cyber Security student from Nepal.

What attracted you to your course at RGU?

What particularly attracted me were the modules offered by RGU, such as Information Security Management, Incident Management and Forensics, and Machine Learning for Cyber Security. These modules aligned perfectly with my academic and career interests, and I knew they would provide me with a comprehensive understanding of the field.

One of the key factors that influenced my decision to study at RGU was RGU's year-long industrial placement option. As an international student, I recognized the immense value of gaining hands-on industry experience in the UK before graduation. This opportunity would not only expose me to a real-world work environment but also allow me to build my professional network, establish connections, and foster personal growth.

Before coming to RGU, what was your expectation of it - and how has the reality been?

Before coming to the UK and RGU, my expectations were high regarding academic quality, global recognition, and a vibrant multicultural environment. Some expectations have been met, while others evolved. The academic standards and resources exceeded my hopes but adapting to a new educational system and assimilating into a new society posed challenges. The support services at RGU for international students have been invaluable in navigating administrative processes, immigration, employability, and cultural adjustment. I embrace the opportunity to broaden my horizons and engage with diverse perspectives, grateful for this journey of personal growth as an international student from Nepal.

What's the best thing about being an RGU student?

One of the standout aspects of my experience at RGU has been the remarkable level of support from professors and the abundance of resources available to students. I am truly grateful for the unwavering support I have received from my module leaders in the MSc Cyber Security program, as well as the dedicated employability and placement staff. Furthermore, the Careers and Employability team played a pivotal role in helping me secure a placement opportunity offering invaluable resources such as CV reviews, interview practice sessions, and guidance in enhancing my job application skills.

Describe your favourite memory of RGU so far?

One of the most cherished memories I have at Robert Gordon University (RGU) so far is the moment I received my placement opportunity as an Endpoint Security Intern at Baker Hughes. It was a pivotal and exciting milestone in my academic journey, and I attribute my success to the exceptional support provided by the Careers and Employability team and the incredible industry relationships that RGU has established. Moreover, RGU's strong industry connections have provided me and my fellow students with diverse opportunities to connect with professionals, gain insights into current practices, and access placement openings.

Tell us about your most challenging/rewarding project/assignment/module. What did you like/dislike about it and how has it helped you?

My most challenging and rewarding project would be my MSc Dissertation project. As RGU provides students with the option to undertake the MSc dissertation part-time alongside their placement, I took the opportunity to pursue this option. It allowed me to work on my dissertation project in relation to what I was doing during my placement. Balancing full-time work with part-time project work was a bit tough for me, but the experience was invaluable. However, with hard work, determination, and the support of my supervisor, I was able to submit my dissertation and achieve a Grade A. It was a testament to the effort I put in and the rewarding outcome I obtained.

What is your favourite way to spend your time when you are not studying?

In my leisure time, I find immense joy in spending quality moments with my family and friends, as well as embarking on travel adventures to new places. As an international student, exploring different cities within the UK has been a source of excitement and fascination for me. Each city has its own unique essence and beauty, offering a captivating blend of history, culture, and diverse experiences. Additionally, I have a deep appreciation for nature and love to venture into the countryside, seeking out charming villages and immersing myself in the tranquillity of natural landscapes. Whether it's discovering hidden waterfalls or meandering along rivers, these moments in nature bring me a sense of peace and serenity.

What would you say to someone considering studying at RGU?

I would like to express that RGU is an excellent university for pursuing higher studies, with exceptional academic staff and well-structured courses designed to prepare students for success in the professional world. One piece of advice I would offer to fellow students is to take full advantage of the abundant resources available within the university to enhance your skills and seize employability opportunities in your desired field. It is crucial to be proactive and actively seek out these opportunities.

What do you enjoy most about living in Aberdeen?

The people of Aberdeen are undeniably one of its greatest assets. The friendly and helpful nature of the locals is truly remarkable. It's a city where everyone is willing to lend a hand and greet you with a warm hello as you walk down the streets. The sense of community and camaraderie creates a welcoming atmosphere that instantly makes you feel at home. Aberdeen's architecture also adds to its charm. Exploring the streets and admiring the beautiful architecture is a visual treat.

Additionally, just a short drive away, Aberdeenshire offers breath-taking natural beauty. Within 30 minutes, you can find yourself surrounded by stunning landscapes, from rolling hills to picturesque countryside and captivating coastal views. The combination of friendly people, striking architecture, and serene countryside makes Aberdeen a truly special place to be.

Did you join RGU via an agent? provide your Counsellors Name, Company and Office location

SI UK Nepal , Address: P84F+F5H, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal.

tell us about the Agent that you came through, and your experience of working with them?

I am grateful for the invaluable support provided by SIUK Nepal, the agent through which I applied to RGU. From the initial stages of the student application process to the visa application, their guidance and assistance were instrumental in ensuring a smooth and successful journey. SIUK Nepal's expertise and experience in handling student applications played a crucial role in simplifying the complex procedures involved. They provided personalized advice, answered my queries promptly, and helped me navigate through the various requirements and documentation needed for the application. Additionally, their assistance with the visa process was invaluable, ensuring that I had all the necessary documents and guiding me through the steps to secure my student visa.

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