What Our Students Say

Oghenedaji Mowoe-Oyetundun

Nimesha Croos

MSc Corporate Communications and Public Affairs student from Nigeria.

What attracted you to your course at RGU?

For me, you could say RGU was love at first sight. Transitioning from a background in health sciences, I decided to enhance my passion for communications by undertaking a master's degree in Corporate Communication to develop the relevant skills and experience. I had done my research on various universities in the UK, but none ticked all my boxes until I found RGU. The blend of theory-based teaching backed by professional industry experience was the catch. The website gave truly clear details of the course, thus helping in setting my expectations, and was very user-friendly.

Before coming to RGU, what was your expectation of it - and how has the reality been?

Wow, I could write a whole book on this one! I had very high expectations to become a thorough-bred communications professional and I must say my expectations have been met and surpassed! I have grown and evolved tremendously both professionally and personally. A postgraduate degree has sharpened my communication, research, project & time management skills. I have become more confident and relentless in the pursuit of my goals and aspirations. In RGU, I have been cooked, baked, and thoroughly refined and I have come out as fine gold – an asset to the communications and public relations industry. The incredible balance of theory and practice (professional skills enhancement) has given me the needed advantage to take on the industry confidently. Kudos to the entire RGU team (both academic and non-academic) for the exceptional support given to students in ensuring that we have everything we need to succeed.

What's the best thing about being an RGU student?

There are so many perks to being an RGU student - I say to anyone that cares to listen that RGU is a land of opportunities where your success is top priority. It’s a total package of academic, professional, physical, and mental development. So many support services are available. I used the career/employability, study skills, and library services:

The study skills centre has a plethora of resources for study and research. They carefully guide students through the arduous journey of writing coursework, ensuring that it is professionally written and critically assessed. I learned how to discover exactly what was required of me in each coursework, mastered the art of writing critical essays and using the Harvard-referencing guide.

Career/employability hub supported me through professional career guidance, helping to discover my strengths and interests. I now have better clarity of my career path and I am very confident about that journey. They also helped in taking my CV from ordinary to extraordinary.

Describe your favourite memory of RGU so far? 

“Make your life a story worth telling.” - Adam Braun. Mine is a story of a rough start and a future that looked bleak as I was a total mess having recently survived a major health challenge, was far behind in my studies, and was completely clueless in a foreign land as an international student. I was tired, I was scared, and I wasn’t sure I could face the huge task ahead of me. My dreams seemed to have come to an end even before they started. But the phenomenal support I got from my module coordinators made the journey more bearable. My course leader, Tracy Pirie, selflessly took 30 mins out of her busy schedule to affirm and speak to my mind every single week at the time. It seemed like a simple act then, but the profound effect it had on me cannot be recounted in words. Through her words and the grace of God, I received strength from within to face the arduous task ahead of me. Fast forward to today, I stand tall telling my story having graduated as the top student in my course.

Tell us about your most challenging/rewarding project/assignment/module. What did you like/ dislike about it and how has it helped you? 

Super enlightening and engaging methods of teaching. The tutorial sessions helped in affirming and solidifying what we had been taught in class. So, it wasn’t a situation of just learning to pass; these teachings were imbibed in us and became second nature. A major highlight of my program was the professional skills enhancement course where we were given the opportunity to seize placement opportunities with companies in order to truly practice all we had learned so far. It was a very exciting opportunity and a great learning point as we were taken through the process of writing a CV, applying for jobs, attending interviews, and working for a month.

The final output of the course was a deeply reflective essay about where we were professionally, where we hoped to be in the near future, and how to improve our skills in pursuit of life-long learning. That experience has had a lasting impact on me as I now do everything through the lens of life-long learning.

What is your favourite way to spend your time when you are not studying? Why is that important to you? 

I relax with family and friends and soak in the beauty and serenity of the granite city. I go to the cinema, sightseeing, and basically just meeting new people. I try to have as much fun as I can.

What would you say to someone considering studying at RGU? Any advice you would share? 

Aberdeen is beautiful, calm, serene and very affordable. The locals are very warm and friendly, and happy to help at every point in time. This has made settling in quite easy. What's more interesting is that as an international student, you've got everything you need here, and I mean every single thing. There are quite a few African shops where you can get all you need to prepare an African meal. There are also African and Intercontinental restaurants alike at very affordable rates. The transport system is superb, linking conveniently to other cities and there are a lot of amazing places to visit. The Aberdeen Arts Gallery and the Maritime Museum are two places you should look forward to visiting if you are in Aberdeen. We have hundreds of stores here and the beach is an amazing place as well. There are places too many to mention, and just talking about them gets me very excited. Accommodation is pretty much affordable as well. We live like royals here and I promise you won't miss home, trust me! The funny thing is that I was a bit sceptical about coming here because I wasn't sure of what to expect, but I've found myself totally in love with this place and the people. So much so that I'm not willing to settle anywhere else but here. I've literally become an unofficial marketer of this lovely city as I've found myself convincing people to come here. Aberdeen is the granite city! And I'm here for all the beauty and grace this city has to offer.

What do you enjoy most about living in Aberdeen (city, food, people, entertainment, travel, etc.)?

I would say do not sleep on this! RGU is a fantastic citadel of learning and one you'll forever be proud of attending. The support here is extraordinary - you are literally supported throughout your learning journey. I must warn you that you will be stretched, there's no room for mediocrity, and you've got to constantly strive to be better. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love RGU. It's a land of opportunities where stars are nurtured, and greatness is birth. The support from faculty and staff is what constantly stood out for me during my time here, and it's what makes RGU exceptional. With RGU, you'd have no regrets but pleasant surprises. I'm super proud I made the choice to be here, couldn't be more proud.

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