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Jane Ogechi Ibezim

Jane Ogechi Ibezim

BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing student from Nigeria.

What attracted you to your course at RGU?

The nursing program at RGU captivated me due to the myriad opportunities and resources provided to students through the curriculum structure, clinical placements, employment prospects, and cost-effectiveness compared to similar programs in the UK. Furthermore, the School's recruitment team offered exceptional support and guidance throughout my application process. This experience inspired me to become a Student Ambassador, aspiring to extend the same level of aid and support I received to others.

Before coming to RGU, what was your expectation of it - and how has the reality been? 

I read about the impressive student employment rate after graduation. Upon starting my studies, I found that these claims were indeed accurate, and I also grew to appreciate our module structure, which I personally find to be outstanding.

What's the best thing about being an RGU student? 

The most advantageous aspect of being a student at RGU is the abundant array of opportunities provided for nursing students which facilitate practical experience in exceptional healthcare settings both within hospitals and the community. This exposure significantly contributes to the learning process, aiding in the identification of our preferred nursing specialties post-training. It's an incredibly remarkable experience.

Describe your favourite memory of RGU so far? 

I have always approached life with enthusiasm, ensuring to create the best memories in every experience. Simply put, living in Aberdeen and studying at RGU has been an absolute blast, albeit with a few occasional hiccups here and there— but all part of the journey!

Tell us about your most challenging/rewarding project/assignment/module. What did you like/ dislike about it and how has it helped you? 

My most demanding task was the clinical practicum. The practical application of theoretical knowledge in a genuine healthcare environment is both strenuous and incredibly gratifying. The difficulties encompass the intensity of the workload, the necessity for swift decision-making, and the emotional responsibilities of patient care, which present both challenges and rewards. Yet, I value these modules for their provision of direct patient care opportunities, fostering practical skill development, and enabling us to genuinely impact individuals' health. The high-stress scenarios, extensive hours, and emotional strain can be overwhelming but fortunately the PLE (Practice Learning Experience) team offers substantial support for nursing students which significantly aids our success.

What is your favourite way to spend your time when you are not studying? Why is that important to you? 

I take pleasure in offering assistance whenever the opportunity arises. I dedicate my time to volunteering as one of the school ambassadors and for the British Heart Foundation. Apart from volunteering, I love to spend time in my room and watch a good movie to relax.

What would you say to someone considering studying at RGU? Any advice you would share? 

If you seek a setting where you can enhance your skills, achieve your dream and feel at home while doing it all, then RGU is the ideal destination for you.

What do you enjoy most about living in Aberdeen (city, food, people, entertainment, travel, etc.)? 

Its moderate size makes it easily adaptable while encompassing all the amenities of a major city. The diversity at RGU offers the opportunity to interact with individuals from various nationalities, fostering cultural learning experiences. Additionally, the extensive support available for international students, including meet and greet services, student help points, and visa services, aids in their adjustment and academic journey at RGU.

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