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Henrike Warnke

Henrike Warnke

What made you choose RGU?

The modules and course content, especially the focus on practical laboratory work.

What has been your best memory of studying at RGU so far?

It's not a particular one, but the campus in spring and summer is amazing. I love having a coffee break and looking at the river whilst sitting on the sunny terrace at SIWB.

Have you seen much of Scotland yet, or do you have plans to travel around?

I have visited the West Coast with Fort William and Glencoe, went hiking in the Cairngorms, Inverness and explored Aberdeenshire. I've seen quite a bit but there is so much more to explore.

What is your favourite thing to do in Aberdeen?

Getting an ice cream at Mackie's and going thrift shopping in all the cute little charity shops along Union Street.

How have you found the teaching and learning environment at RGU?

All the staff are just so friendly. I really appreciate the open, honest level of communication and the role students play in the learning environment. Teaching at RGU feels less "top to bottom".

RGU provides so many services to make the first weeks feel very easy. There is Welcome Week, Immigration Service, AskRGU, and activities with the student union. That all makes settling in and connecting a lot easier.

What advice would you give to your past self trying to make the decision to study in Scotland?

Don't focus on the barriers and obstacles of immigration too much, that will get sorted. The country, nature, people and uni have so much to offer, so that's definitely worth it. The language and accents won't be such a problem, as RGU is really international (teachers and students).

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