What Our Students Say

Hengkai Xu

Hengkai Xu

MSc Financial Management, from Shanghai in China

Why did you choose RGU?

RGU has a high employment rate. I chose RGU because I believe RGU can help me in the future.

Why did you choose the course you are studying?

Teaching is a combination of real life and the business environment. At the same time, from the curriculum we get to use our knowledge to practice business activities. In my pre master, ICRGU offers a trip of Brewdog. I can gain some knowledge from field trip.

The staff are nice and friendly to help every students.

What are your favourite things about being a student in Aberdeen?

The natural environment and foods such as seafood.

Scotland welcome every student from China. Aberdeen is an awesome city and I enjoy every day in Aberdeen. I feel some changes after I learn every course.  I believe the fact that I will have a good job in the future because I am a RGU student.    I hope more and more Chinese students come and enjoy RGU.

Do you have any advice for people who are considering study at RGU?

Study hard  and find an interesting course

What do you want to do when you complete your course?

I want to be a financial or marketing manager in the future. I believe RGU can help me to achieve this goal because the course is relevant to me. Meanwhile, RGU has a good career center and they will guide me to make my CV and gain job search skills in the future. 

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