What Our Students Say

Cyrielle Delord

Cyrielle Delord

MA Curatorial Studies student from France.

What made you choose RGU?

During my research I found RGU. The course was well-explained and the university seemed to have a lot to offer. Plus, the fees compared to other places were lower.

Have you seen much of Scotland yet, or do you have plans to travel around?

I have been to Edinburgh and Inverness two times, and also to Glasgow, Falkirk, Stonehaven and Dundee. Still a lot to discover.

What is your favourite thing to do in Aberdeen?

Going for walks next to the River Dee.

What advice would you give to your past self trying to make the decision to study in Scotland?

Appreciate every moment as much as possible and don't be scared, people are really welcoming.

How have you found the teaching and learning environment at RGU?

It's really different to how I was taught in my last diploma. It's more about independence which I enjoy. The library is amazing I also like the Guest at Gray’s program that can be really interesting. There is also great support teams and interesting courses.

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