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Boworachat Chaiyupatump

Boworachat Chaiyupatump

MSc Energy Management, from Pathumthani (the outskirts of Bangkok) in Thailand

Why did you choose RGU?

The MSc Energy Management course, which is quite a specific course to study, is only provided in a few UK universities, so there were not so many universities in my list. In terms of energy, I found Scotland tends to be more reputed than England, particularly Aberdeen which is called ”the oil and gas capital city of Europe”.

I focused on only Scottish Universities having MSc Energy Management. 

Why did you choose the course you are studying?

The course outline of RGU is very interesting and suitable for me when compared to others. Although the general ranking of RGU is not so high at the present, it is not surprising to me because RGU was established as a university only 25 years ago while other universities are aged 200 years, 300 years or 400 years. 

The content of my course is interesting, up-to-date and practical.  In many classes, we look at the current news, the reviews of energy companies like BP, Centrica, SSE and apply the theory from our text books. Moreover, the coursework is applied to the real situation, for example, carbon budget, carbon bubble, etc. Thus, we are automatically practiced to have analytical thinking and keep up-to-date.

What are your favourite things about being a student in Aberdeen?

This city is well organised and convenient. We can find almost everything we need from internet. For example, bus schedule, gym, library, restaurant and online booking. Therefore, it is easy to check and plan for our schedule. And every shop takes debit/credit card.

Easy life, there are no traffic jams and it is not too crowded with people like in Bangkok.

When I live in Aberdeen, offshore work is very close to us at the university and the centre of this city. And the weather in Aberdeen is very different to Thailand.

Have you been involved in any clubs or societies while at RGU?

For me, I chose working in part-time job for my free time so I do not join university activities.

Do you have any advice for people who are considering study at RGU?

Firstly, course structure is very important to study wherever you choose. Secondly, when you leave your home country, you surely have freedom. So, the most important thing when you have freedom is time management or planning. Plan everything you can. If you can, perfectly manage your time to study, travel, work in part-time job or do the activities that you cannot do in your home country. This is amazing time in your life. Lastly, freedom sometimes come along with loneliness. So, try to open yourself to know the new people and prepare to get rid of comfort zone.

Pursuing the opportunities for the future as much as you can -  because opportunity cannot find you unless you open yourself up to it first.

What do you want to do when you complete your course?

So now I want to study hard and keep up-to-date. 

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