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Boon Yen Lee

Boon Yen Lee

Master of Architecture student from Malaysia

What attracted you to your course at RGU? 

The structure of the MArch course gives the opportunity to get a professional experience placement that allowed me work in the UK in between my undergraduate and masters level studies.

Before coming to RGU, what was your expectation of it - and how has the reality been? 

To be honest before I came I didn’t really know what to expect. It was all so new to me. However, the support I received while studying my pathway programme at ICRGUmade it much easier for me to understand the UK education system, as well as adapt to online learning technology.

What's the best thing about being an RGU student? 

The best part of studying at RGU is that when I’m not studying I have time to have fun. Despite my studies, I have free time to participate in extra-curricular activities (like volunteering), and have a part-time job. All these have helped me develop myself both personally and academically.

Tell us about your most challenging/rewarding project/assignment/module. What did you like/ dislike about it and how has it helped you? 

The most challenging module I would say is the, “Design Studio”. This module covered everything from a formal briefing, contextual studies, a site visit and survey, to the development of design ideas and intentions, advise on communication and presentation of a complete project. This has helped me as a useful subject and also a challenge to show me what I can do.

What is your favourite way to spend your time when you are not studying? Why is that important to you? 

Working and earning money so that I have money to travel around Europe and UK and take full advantage of living in the UK. Besides this, I spend my free time with my friends and classmate as well.

What would you say to someone considering studying at RGU? Any advice you would share? 

Study is just a process that we have to go through. It is important, but it is not the whole of our life, so you should enjoy your time and participate in more extra-curricular activities, travel, etc. to get more valuable experiences apart from your studies.

If you joined via ICRGU, can you tell us a little bit about how you found the student experience with both ICRGU and with RGU? Do you feel this was a smooth transition between the ICRGU and RGU? How could we improve this process?

The transition between ICRGU and RGU was seamless as we shared a joint studio with RGU students. So, it was not difficult for us to transition into the larger class when we proceeded to RGU, as we already knew our classmates.

Student experience in ICRGU is excellent, as it has smaller classes, and tutors know each student well. This means they are able to quickly identify when a student is struggling, which can really help when dealing with so many new things at the same time.

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