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Ayatte Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim Atteya

Ayatte Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim Atteya

PhD Electrical Engineering student from Egypt.

Why did you decide to study at Robert Gordon University (RGU)?

Having a great passion in research and study, I was seeking for a PhD opportunity to continue my postgraduate studies and found RGU, well-known for its innovative research and high-quality education with particularly strong industry-focused research in Energy Engineering and Oil and Gas industry, following recommendations from one of my colleagues who was studying at the same university.

Can you describe why you thought the teaching quality and campus facilities were good? What is your favourite project that you have worked on so far?

RGU has won several awards for high-quality teaching, and this is I think because they follow a student-cantered teaching method focusing on continuous student engagement in live classes, while seeking high student learning skills matching the market demand and industry requirements. The campus facilities are also very good, having access to a research hub desktop, printer, digital library access and on-the-shelf content, lab facilities, as well as remote access to office desktop and drive from home. Each student can remotely access all software programs available on RGU desktop and their own research work from home. I am working on my PhD study focusing on green hydrogen energy storage systems in supporting and decarbonizing energy supply and the buildings sector. I am very happy to be working on such a hot research topic that will contribute to the UK achieving the UK 2050 Zero-Carbon ambition, and that would be good opportunity to benefit from research in decarbonizing my home country especially seeing that Egypt has an abundance of in solar energy and enough water resources to generate green hydrogen storage systems with high production capacities to tackle climate change.    

Did you enjoy your time living in Aberdeen, if so why? What was the best thing about living in Aberdeen?

Yes, a lot. It is a quiet place and I enjoy walking throughout the city and the nature sightseeing, especially the beach as this reminds me of my home country. I was living in a Mediterranean city and so Aberdeen almost feels like home. The best thing about living in Aberdeen is the long daylight hours in the summer! It is quite amazing to enjoy sunlight late into the night and I think something special for Aberdeen. I also feel safe here with the small city and community.

If someone was considering studying at RGU, what would say to them?

I would encourage other students to join RGU for research excellency and student support. It is a very good place to improve learning skills and extend knowledge. They just need to be ready for the hard working, multi-tasking and progress updates, but it is all worth it.

Did you take part in any clubs and societies and if so, which ones?

Honestly, not yet but maybe in the future. PhD journey is quite stressful and I am trying to focus on my studies most of the time, but I guess also participating in clubs and societies could help with some of the stress a bit. However, it is never too late; will try to plan for this in my remaining time here.

Was there a strong Egyptian community in Aberdeen and what activities did you do with them?

There is a strong Arabic community here and I have some lovely friends from other neighbouring countries. We usually arrange outings and city walks, visiting attractions and taking memorable photos, celebrating main feasts together and enjoying the beautiful Aberdeen Christmas environment and amusement games.

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