The Student Experience

A Day in the Life

Our courses are so varied, from Nursing and Midwifery to Business Management, Engineering to Art and Design, that there’s no such thing as a typical student day!

A first year’s day will be completely different from a fourth year’s, an undergraduate day quite unlike a postgraduate experience. 

Your day will be broken up into some of the taught activities like lectures, seminars and workshops, together with one-to one sessions with academic staff.  Of course, you will also be expected to do a lot of learning on your own throughout your studies. The importance of this will increase as you progress through your course and be especially true for our postgraduate students.

For many of our courses, you get to experience real working life with an employer on a student placement. You may also get the chance to experience student life abroad with anything from a few weeks to a year at one of our partner universities around the world.

The benefits of your time here at RGU stretch far beyond the lecture theatre and library. You will have time for your favourite leisure activities too, allowing you to have a fully rounded and beneficial experience and be ready to take on the world when you graduate.

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