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Trusted Contact

A trusted contact is the person we will contact if there is a serious concern about your welfare. Reasons for contact may include a medical emergency such as admittance to hospital, concern for your wellbeing, you have gone missing or you displaying symptoms of serious physical or mental illness or concerning behaviour.

Who is an appropriate Trusted Contact?

A Trusted Contact must be over the age of 18, ideally be able to speak English and contactable by telephone. A Trusted Contact would usually be a close family member, friend or other supporter. It is up to the student to decide who this is, but we would recommend that this is someone the student trusts. 

Staff will only attempt to contact your Trusted Contact if:

  • You have not responded to all attempts made to contact you, or
  • In an emergency where there is an urgent risk to your safety.

Wherever possible, University staff will gain your consent prior to communicating with your Trusted Contact. As our aim is to prevent any student coming to harm, under certain circumstances we will communicate with your Trusted Contact in the absence of consent.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact by emailing

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