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Event Safety

Many Schools and Departments organise events which either are not part of their routine activities and/or which invite members of the public into University buildings which require a higher level of safety management.

Due to the atypical nature of these activities, there is an increased risk of hazards being realised due to, for example, increased people in areas, members of public being unfamiliar with hazards or building layout, unusual equipment being installed, restrictions in space due to additional stands/desks, etc.

Good planning and management are fundamental to the success of any organised event. In order to ensure that events are conducted safely, an Event Safety Plan and an Event Risk Assessment should be completed which will ensure that the health, safety and welfare of all those attending an event is managed. Where events involve the introduction of contractors (including external volunteers or charities), the Control of On-Campus Contractors (Services) Procedure should be followed.

Further information

For further information and support on running a safe and successful event and creating the necessary risk assessment consult the event planning guidance.

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