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Policies, Procedures & Guidance

Aggressive & Challenging Behaviour

Aggressive and challenging behaviour at work is unacceptable and must be managed to ensure safety of staff. The following pages provide information on how to deal with these situations.

Incidents involving aggressive behaviour by students or members of the public are rare at Robert Gordon University, however there is a potential for these to occur and as such the necessary measures should be put in place.

Where there is a perceived threat that an aggressive or challenging encounter could take place then the school/department should ensure there is a suitable risk assessment in place which details the steps or control measures that should be taken to assist staff in dealing with these situations.

It is important that all instances of aggressive or challenging behaviour are reported to ensure these situations can be investigated and steps taken to protect or assist the employee and prevent reoccurrence.

The guidance document provides comprehensive information regarding aggressive and challenging behaviour.

Support for Current Students

If you are a student and have been a victim of aggressive or challenging behaviour and need someone to talk to, you can make an appointment with the University's Counselling and Wellbeing Service:

Counselling and Wellbeing

Support for RGU Staff

RGU offers staff access to an independent Employee Support Helpline to assist with a wide range of issues:

Telus Health Employee Assistance Programme is a telephone Counselling and Advisory Support Service, accessed via their free helpline (0800 169 1920), available 24/7 x 365, and is totally confidential. You can also access through the Telus Health app.

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