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Gray's Degree Show

Gray's School of Art Degree Show 2023

The Gray’s Degree Show is an annual highlight in the calendar, celebrating the talents and achievements of our final year students. Find out more about some of this year's students.

The show took place between Saturday 10 June 2023 - Saturday 17 June 2023.

Explore the 2023 catalogue to find out more about our exhibiting students:

Watch a short video from a selection of our exhibiting students on Instagram:

Lewis Church, Communication Design student at Gray's School of Art

Lewis creates a project centred around ‘Lost World’ design, and seeks to explore how image-making and print work would look in an unfamiliar future. What would we understand and what future languages or symbols would be lost to us?

Esther Helfer walk of the River Dee

Esther’s project is an exploration of the River Dee, its journey from source to sea and the many bridges that cross over it. She walks the length of the river, making note of its turns and twists to produce a stunning project.

Jo Crane, BA (Hons) Communication Design student at Gray's

Jo draws on her passion for the outdoors and childhood experiences growing up in the small village of Nethy Bridge in the Cairngorms National Park, to create two projects featuring wild swimming and skiing.

Hannah Aitken - Gray's BA (Hons) Photography graduate

Hannah draws on her childhood experience going to church and creates a stunning photography collection called ‘Closure’ featuring architectural images of Church of Scotland churches closing down and portraits of members of the congregations strongly affected by the closures.

Annie Dyer - BA (Hons) Photography

Aberdeen born and raised Annie, draws on her love of floral photography to create a project called ‘Exotica Flowers’, creating beautiful images of flowers and plants using perspective, composition and lighting techniques. She’s also gained invaluable experience throughout University, working as a photographer with Denis Law Streetsport.

Image shows Lucy Gibb, 4th year Painting student from Gray's

Lucy follows the theme of women’s work and the traditional roles women used to play in society and the monotony of the roles. Within her innovative textile-based work, Lucy uses the process of natural dying, using tea and coffee to experiment with colour, and explores other materials such as cement and wax.

Miriam Foy stands by artwork

Miriam’s work is inspired by her experience with autism. She works with performance art and poetry to develop her project. By experimenting with materials and skin-like substances, Miriam explores different methods of drawing text and embeds these into sculpture. This has helped Miriam translate her work from text into an intriguing portfolio of visuals.

Annie Dyer - BA (Hons) Photography

Annie follows her passion for floral photography and explores her creativity using the ICM technique inspired by Terri Pakula's portfolio. Within her project, Annie shows how a person can feel looking at a photograph, and the emotions that each flower can bring.

Lauren Fowlds - BA (Hons) Communication Design

Lauren captures the highs and lows of student life by using video and printmaking to produce a guide on ‘How to: Survive Art School’. To do this, she uses a combination of photography and typography to create a humorous study exploring life at art and design school.

Weronika Turowska - BA (Hons) Three-Dimensional Design

Weronika’s draws on her interest in product design and biomaterials to create an innovative project centred around material experimentation and sustainability. She grows bacterial cellulose ‘leather’ and foam from aquafaba or waste water found in beans, and encourages people to consider a dystopian future, where out of necessity, people would grow materials and be more in tune with nature.

Megan Naysmith - Fashion & Textiles student Gray's

With a love of travelling, Megan’s project is about storytelling through fabric. She up-cycles second hand fabric to print, embroider and embellish. By experimenting with colour and materials, Megan creates a sustainable fashion collection that celebrates the style and backstories of characters from across Scotland.

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