Harry Roberts - MA Communication Design

Harry Roberts' work
Since joining Gray’s School of Art, Harry has seen his natural skill and talent in animation move to new levels after enjoying the creative freedom and individual studio space during his master’s.

Having already graduated once at RGU though Digital Media at the School of Computing, the 23-year-old sought a new challenge to test his ability.

“I wanted to challenge myself as an animator. While I have done many projects in different creative and technical areas during my undergrad’, they all felt too short and I never got to sink deeper into them as I had to balance them with other projects.

“This course [MA Communication Design] allowed me to tackle one big project by myself and the wide creative freedom it offered was alluring. My final project was actually conceived initially at end of the undergrad’ as a personal project, but I decided to use the MA to bring this idea I had into life because it was unlike anything I’ve done before.”

Harry’s passion for the project he opted for is obvious to see.

“As an animator, this last year I’ve tried new things within animation and filmmaking as well as upping my game in storytelling and presentation.

“My final project is my short film ‘ob-SOUL-1337’, a satirical animated film that features both 2D and 3D. The film uses death and the afterlife to explore our relationship with technology, crazy tech gurus in Silicon Valley, as well as the duality of our identities on/offline.

“A mix of sci-fi, fantasy and comedy with elements of horror and mecha (Gundam/Evangelion) with lo-fi and psychedelic visuals. The film in inspired by works like Futurama and Spider-Verse alongside the works of Cartoon Saloon and Masaaki Yuassa and web animators like Jonni Phillips, Worthikids and David Firth. It was made in a way that felt chaotic and punk rock compared to lot of other stuff.”

From the North East and pupil at The Gordons School in Huntly, the promising animator has not only improved his craft but also enjoyed the by-products that’s come with it.

“Throughout this last year, my confidence as a creative has improved dramatically thanks to regular critical sessions and being on-campus. I can talk about my work and show off more easily than ever. It has also helped me be more courageous as an animator and be willing to make stuff that is weird and out there.”

Harry cites many highlights during this time at Gray’s School of Art and is looking forward to where his career takes him.

“The various creative endeavours, the friends I made, the beautiful campus and supportive lectures have defined my five years here. For this last year, getting my own studio space was a well-needed change of scenery after spending half of undergrad at home [due to Covid].

“Also, the study trip to Edinburgh where we checked out various parts of the city and the stellar Guest @ Gray’s programme, learning about the various guests and their development and practices.

“I’m way less scared about the future than I was a year ago. I’m down for whatever opportunities I can find or come my way as a creative. At the very least, I still plan to continue making indie animation and hope I have time for it should I work as a freelancer, whether for a studio or something else entirely.”

Harry's work will be on display during the Gray's Masters Degree Show.


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