Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are collaborative industry/university projects to research and implement innovations in products, services or process that deliver bottom line benefits for the business through savings or increased sales.

RGU has a long track record of working closely with industry, not just in the area of energy, oil and gas but across a wide range of industries. The Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme (KTP) is a world-leading programme that helps businesses succeed by connecting them to the UK's rich academic resources.   It's a partnership between the business seeking expertise, a university or college and a recently qualified graduate - known as an associate.   

Your project can last between 12 months and 3 years.   If you're a small or medium sized business funding will cover two-thirds of the project costs, leaving an average of around £22,000 a year for your company to pay.  If you're part of a larger company, funding will cover around half of the project cost, leaving an average of £33,000 a year to pay. That's great value, especially as evidence show that businesses, who invest in R&D grow twice as fast and have higher exports compared to non-innovators.

If funding is agreed, then least one RGU academic will be nominated to supervise the associate and form part of the team that will deliver the project.  The RGU academic has the intellectual firepower to guide and advise your associate whenever required.   They can arrange access to test equipment at the university if required.  In short, they're a vital part of your team and project.


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