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Innovation in Our University

Inspiring Innovation

Innovation in Our University

As a university we want to adapt and innovate for the future to design new models of teaching, pioneer new research and design new ways to serve our communities.

How can university courses and departments innovate to provide the best experience and evolve for the future? Where can staff go for support to develop and implement new ideas? The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group is a safe space for creativity and collaboration where new ideas can grow and be tested.

Our team will work with students as part of their courses, and staff to host sessions, reward innovation and support idea development.

Innovation on Academic Courses

Beyond the core academic content, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group can support teaching on courses through guest lectures and workshops and engagement in student entrepreneurial projects. Our ambition is to support academics by bringing in cross-disciplinary and practical concepts to encourage an innovative mindset and supplement subject teaching.

Topics which can be embedded into modules include:

  • Exploring the future and the impact of the fourth industrial revolution
  • Undertaking idea generation and testing
  • Utilising design thinking for innovative ideas
  • Developing a value proposition for an idea
  • Creating a business model canvas
  • Delivering public presentations and pitches
  • Launching an entrepreneurial venture

Our ambition is to add value by offering a new perspective and share tools and concepts which can be used to innovate in all industries. We want to work with courses to support RGU’s strategic aim of embedding entrepreneurship across all courses.

If academic colleagues are interested in resources, guest sessions or consultation on embedding innovation in their courses, they can contact

SISA Accreditation for Academic Courses

For modules which include innovative thinking and entrepreneurial activities, they can apply to be accredited for the Scottish Innovative Student Award scheme. The national award is run by the Scottish Institute for Enterprise and includes three levels of award. The Level 1: Future Thinker award can either be gained through an existing module being accredited or by students attending a university-wide workshop.

Information for Students

For students, if your module is accredited your lecturer will highlight this and at the end of the module, you can apply directly to SIE with a short reflective statement to be awarded with a certificate you can use on your CV. You will then be able to apply to participate in Level 2 and Level 3 of the awards run by SIE where you will be invited to workshops with students from across Scotland.  

Find out more about SISA and how you can gain an award:

Information for Staff

For staff, being accredited can add value to your module and provide validation for your content. All that is required is to submit an RGU SISA Level 1 Accreditation Application to the Academic Quality Officer for your school. This will be reviewed by critical readers on behalf of SIE to ensure the module meets the criteria. Read the full accreditation process:

Once accredited, module tutors teach as normal, but introduce the award scheme to students and encourage them to apply. Once students have applied for a certificate, you’ll be asked to give a successful/unsuccessful judgement based on their short reflective statements and performance on the module. Staff can find out more and access slides, resources and videos:

Since it has launched, hundreds of RGU students have received the award and participated in all levels of the programme.

Find out more or submit your application for an award:

Opportunities for Staff Development

Staff across the university come up with new ideas, projects and approaches all the time. Many of these ideas do not get developed despite their potential. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group seeks to provide opportunities for staff to come up with ideas, test them, collaborate across disciplines and have access to space, resources and processes to strengthen their innovative concepts.

Support which can be offered to encourage staff innovation include:

  • Introducing innovation workshops during staff away days
  • Hosting presentations to inspire innovation at staff meetings
  • Bespoke training sessions or workshops with groups of staff
  • Access to online innovation material
  • Use of creative co-working spaces for meetings or idea development
  • One-to-one mentorship and guidance with developing an idea
  • Opportunities to participate in funded testbed projects

If staff groups or departments would like support or facilitated sessions to develop ideas, then they can get in touch at

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